World with Satan
By: Queen of Horror

Close your eyes and try to see
A world of Hell that should never be
Picture everyone trapped under dictator rule
Doubt you could imagine living in a world so cruel

We all live in a world so cold
Only the highest up remain to be bold
We all will kill and we all will die
Our world will be destroyed and everyone will cry

We all try to act like were a saint
Deep down inside that's very faint
Deep in our souls were Satanists of Hell
Stop trying to act like you're so perfect and well

They're going to destroy us
They going to turn on us
They're going to turn our world into a living Hell
You better fight back and do it well

One day "Satan" will destroy our way of life
Most of you will be unprepared to fight this strife
You'll either die or become under his power
He'll control your each and every hour

Close your eyes and try to see
A perfect world that should be
Don't let them win and please don't die
Fight for whats right and make them cry