Walking Dead Character Quiz
The apocolypse has finally hit and you are officially in the Walking Dead! Will you take on the role of leadership like Rick, or will you turn into a walker? There's only one way to find out! Well two, but let's not have the apocolypse start yet!
Question #1: You wake up to find yourself in a hospital bed. You then get up and walk out the door to realize that the hallway is completely deserted and the lights are flickering. You begin walking down the hallway slowly when you hear a strange growling sound. What do you do?
    A. Scream and run
    B. Walk back into your hospital room and barricade the doors
    C. Grab the sharpest object you see and go towards the noise quietly, but nervously
    D. Grab a sharp object, draw the noise towards you, and be prepared to fight
    E. Come up with a plan to escape
Question #2: You're walking alone through the streets and as you turn a corner you come across a herd of walkers. What do you do?
    A. Too scared to move, so you freeze in place
    B. Run in the complete opposite direction
    C. Begin slowly walking away and taking out your knife, just in case it ends badly.
    D. Take out your gun and start shooting, getting a lot of walkers down
    E. Observe your surroundings and run into the closest shelter, shooting walkers in the process
Question #3: You come across a gang of people and you're all trapped in a building with walkers pounding at the doors. What do you do?
    A. Think this is the end and kill yourself
    B. You need the protection of others, so you listen to your escape instructions w/o killing
    C. Doing as you're told, ready to fight
    D. One of the first ones on the line to fight the walkers
    E. You're the one who came up with the plan

Question #4: You make it out of the building and you're safely at your camp now! There's lots of great ways to help out! What job do you take on?
    A. You don't take on any job, you just sleep all the time
    B. You stick around and do some basic chores like cleaning
    C. You mostly gather nearby plants and do some hunting
    D. You're the scavenger that goes to and from camp looking for food and supplies
    E. You're on watch duty, making sure everyone is safe and no walkers are coming
Question #5: A walker manages to sneak into camp! You spot it heading for your close friend! What do you do?
    A. Jump in front of the walker to stop it from biting your friend
    B. Scream, potentially putting yourself at risk
    C. Don't move and just stay away
    D. Shoot it! Duh!
    E. Kill the walker and then go into some lecture on killing walkers
Question #6: What is your weapon of choice?
    A. nothing
    B. A rock, better than nothing
    C. A knife
    D. Crossbow
    E. Gun
Question #7: You're camp gets invaded and your group is on the run again! You end up at the CDC, however, you discover it is going to blow up. What do you do?
    A. Stay in there, prepared for death
    B. Begin crying and begging to be released
    C. Begin running around the building, looking for a way out
    D. Begin throwing a fit and getting violent
    E. Take the role of leadership and persuade the guy to let you go
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