Vampire Bunny
                                                                        By: Queen of Horror
    People look at bunnies and think they're full of innocence. Well, have you heard the story of Vampire Bunny? You probably think this is just a tale, but when I tell you I've seen it before, I'm not even joking.
    On September 2, 1666, there was a giant fire in London, England that lasted for four days. Kind of ironic how there was a fire, and the year with the number of the beast. Now, this really happened and it is a true event with true stories, but one part of the story remains a mystery to this day.
    When the fire happened, a lot of people died and burned alive. There was a girl, and her name was Sophie. Sophie had a pet bunny, and his name was Wiggles. Wiggles was a pretty decent sized bunny, and he was a black bunny with short fur and black eyes. When the fire occurred, Sophie had to watch her parent's burn alive. Their screams pierced the air like a sword piercing the heart. Sophie was absolutely terrified. She was crouched in a corner in her house, with Wiggles in her lap. She held onto him tight as she heard the screams of people dying, smelling human flesh burning in the air, and seeing the fire coming closer to her and Wiggles. She being only a little girl, it simply made her terrified. She looked down at Wiggles, seeing his innocent eyes and watching him wiggle his nose which he loved to do most. He was only a year old, and a gift given to her by her grandmother who died of a heart attack a year previously. She couldn't just let him die, he had to live.
    "Please," she called out in a whisper, praying to God. "Let my bunny live. I don't have to live, but let my bunny live." Suddenly, the Devil himself appeared right in front of her, and with a book.
    "You want your bunny to live?" He asked her. She nodded her head, not able to speak due to the fear filling her body. "Sign in this book and I'll let your bunny live." Unfortunately for the girl, she didn't realize that when she signed the book she would be selling her soul to the Devil and he would be possessing the bunny. After she signed the book, not much is known after except the Devil kept the fire going for another three days, and the only surviving life form after the fire ended, was a black bunny.
    This part of the story no one does tell. It may have been hundreds of years ago since the fire happened, but to this day that bunny still hops around possessed by the Devil, just taking life from the Earth each day. The black bunny looks innocent, but once people are fooled by it he reveals the fangs hidden in his mouth and sucks all of the blood out of their bodies, giving him the name "Vampire Bunny".
    You people think I am kidding, that I am just crazy and none of this is true. I say watch out and be warned of the vampire bunny for if you do not watch out, you could become its next victim. The innocent things in this world, really aren't that innocent. If you still think I am only kidding, look up September 2, 1666, you'll see the stories about the fire, but the bunny remains a mystery, for it is still out there, thirsty for more blood…