Ratings: 2 skulls
    On a Homecoming Night, a trio of high school friends chants an incarnation, unleashing an evil spirit from the past that comes with some severe consequences. That same night the girls are abducted by some high-school jocks. Once rescued, their tormentors get what they deserve and each die chain link by chain link. Is this all just coincidence or has the evil spirit of "Bloody Mary" come back for her vengeance?
    Alright, this movie gets 2 skulls. I was expecting a little bit more out of this movie. I used to not want to watch this movie because I thought it would ACTUALLY scare me. Well, I was wrong. This movie honestly didn't scare me at all. When I was done watching the movie, I managed to go to the bathroom looking in the mirror perfectly fine. I wasn't scared of the movie or scared by anything in the movie.
    Now, don't get me wrong the movie wasn't horrible. The story line of the movie was pretty good and made sense. I wasn't confused by it at all. I definitely had to say that I was satisfied with the gore in the movie. It definitely gave me satisfactory there. I do wish there was a little bit more gore, but the gore that was there did satisfy me, so I'm not complaining about that too much.
    There was one part of the movie that I definitely hated. There was a dog in the movie. Before his owner was murdered, his owner opened the closet and there was his dog, hanging by its own guts in the closet. Basically Bloody Mary gutted the dog and then hung it in a closet by its own guts. This definitely made me very upset. I honestly almost started crying when I was watching this part of the movie. I love gore and horror, but I HATE when animals are killed in horror films and they're always killed in such brutal ways. Like, when humans get murdered they're getting let off easy. But the animals, always so much blood when they die. It makes me upset cause I love horror and animals but killing animals in horror films….that's just not right to me.
    One other thing I didn't like that much about this movie is that the movie didn't have anything to do with the actual Bloody Mary legend. There's many ways in trying to do it but one way is to spin around three times saying "Bloody Mary" and then to look in the mirror and when you see her you're supposed to run out of the bathroom or she'll either kill you or you'll be stuck on the other side of the mirror for eternity. Well in this movie there was nothing to do with a mirror or even a bathroom. The story line made sense but I wish it would've been closer to the actual Bloody Mary legend and not a remake that has nothing to do with the original.
    Overall this movie was good, but it may want to consider going back in the grave.

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary