Unfriended (2015)
Ratings: 4 skulls

    If you leave the group chat, you die. When you post things online, they stay on there forever. For this group of teenagers, their final moments of life will be left online forever. When they get into a Skype group chat with an unknown person in it, things begin to get very weird, and super freaky really fast. This group of friends may have had something to do with a suicide, but thinking there would be no consequences, boy were they sadly mistaken....
    This horror film I am definitely giving it four skulls. I absolutely loved this movie! Compared to your normal horror film story lines and killers, this one was definitely different. For starters, I hate a lot of modern day horror films but this one definitely had a lot of creativity to it! It used Skype, a very common way for people to communicate with each other, and it completely altered the meaning of everything. In the very beginning of the movie, it starts off with a girl named Blair and her boyfriend Mitch on a Skype call. After a little bit of it being just those two on Skype, they get into a group chat with all of their friends and a mysterious person by the name of Billie. It just so happens that on this particular Skype call with this mysterious person, it is happening the same night a girl by the name of Laura killed herself exactly a year ago on that day. As the group chat goes on it begins to get weirder and weirder, but could that mysterious person be Laura, or just a glitch? Doesn't matter who it is, what matters is if you leave the group chat, you die.
    In my opinion, this movie definitely had a lot of suspense! I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next throughout the whole entire movie. The one question constantly on my mind throughout the whole movie was: Who's going to die next? On top of that being one of the questions constantly going through my head, I was constantly wondering how each death was going to go because they were definitely some really gory deaths. Me being a gore lover, I enjoyed how everyone died and some of their deaths I couldn't have even come up with in my mind.
    One thing I will say about this movie is the ending definitely has a plot twist, but on top of that there are even plot twists throughout the movie you wouldn't expect to have happen and that definitely kept my attention and made me want to keep watching the movie. Not to mention my favorite part of the movie had to be when the group on Skype was playing "Never have I ever" and the guy Adam in the group chat got really mad and things began to get crazy. My favorite death scene in the movie in my personal opinion had to be when this one guy was forced to commit suicide by shoving his hand into a blender. For some reason that was really amusing to me and I really enjoyed that scene.
    Overall I felt that this was a really good movie and I would definitely recommend going to watch it! I was not disappointed in the movie and I love watching it over and over again! You should watch it too, because if not you might just get unfriended...
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