Time of Death
By: Queen of Horror
He lies in the darkness
Nothing left to give
He closes his eyes
No more can he live

As he watches his life
Flashing before his eyes
The reapers on his way
His final place he lies

A turn of the wind
A change in his breath
Things fade to black
As he faces his death

The chills come over
It's his final hour
Time coming to an end
Mans breathing loses power

Sees highlighting moments
Life flashing before his eyes
With the good and the bad
Whispers his final goodbyes

When the reaper appears
Face to face with death
The calm takes over
And he takes his final breath

Life flashes before your eyes
And then the reaper appears
Whispering silent goodbyes
Once known now disappears

When the reaper takes you
Where exactly do you go?
A question always asked
The living will never know

But on that final hour
Taking your final breath
The calm will slowly come
And you will face your death

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