Ratings: 3 skulls

    Authur Kipps (Daniel Radcliff) is sent to a village to sort out the affairs of a recently deceased eccentric. But once he arrives to the village, it seems that everyone in town is keeping a deadly secret. All the townspeople try to keep Kipps from learning about their terrible history, he soon finds out that the house belonging to his client is haunted by the ghost of a women who is determined to find what was rightfully hers and that is now lost. And no one, not even the children are safe from her vengeance….
        I definitely will say this movie is worth three skulls. Personally for me, it really didn't scare me. I must be truthful though to you all and I will admit this is definitely a jump scare movie. I know this because while I was watching the movie, I kept jumping. I remember while I was watching it with my cousins and in one part I REALLY jumped. I remember when Authur Kipps was in a bedroom in the house a crow came out of the fire place and I jumped so much from it that it shook the entire bed I was sitting on. It was annoying my cousin by how much I jumped because I jumping made her jump.
        Now the movie definitely did cause me to jump a little bit more than I wanted to, but it didn't make me scared where I wanted to stop watching it or even where I had to close my eyes. I was very drawn into the movie the whole time. The movie had lots of suspense and it definitely keeps your interests up.
        One thing I must say that I didn't like so much about the movie was the story line. It was a good story line, but it was definitely confusing. Even after watching the movie several times it's still confusing to me. I would also like to add that the effects were good; however, some could have been done better. Like for instance, in one scene Author Kipps is for some stupid reason staying at the house even though he saw a women in the front of the house when he was looking out a window who somehow disappeared right when he turned away! Anyways, as he's staying the night he hears a noise and goes into a bedroom where he sees the Women in Black hanging herself. Now, when she jumps, it is very obvious that it's a dummy and not an actual person. Now believe me, I understand that someone's not going to actually jump and kill themselves! But they could've made that better along with some of the other effects.
        One thing I loved about the movie was the house. The look of it had the eerie feeling to it, and how you had to ride along a long, narrow path that's on a marsh to get to the house just added an eerie feel to it. I also loved how there was a grave yard at the house. Graveyards at giant mansions to me just make everything a lot cooler. I would personally live in a house like that one as long as there wasn't some crazy ghost killing kids every time I see her.
        Overall I would have to say that this movie was good, but not scary.

The Women in Black