The Ring
Ratings: 4 skulls

    Her father never loved her, he loved the horses. It all starts with watching the film. After you watch it, you get a phone call saying you have seven days to live. Then, weird things begin to happen. There is a way to escape this, but will you be able to in time? Will you be able to stop everything? Or will she just come out of your TV and....
    Alright, I have to give this movie four skulls! I absolutely LOVE this movie! This movie is definitely a movie that you will get hooked into! I promise you this movie is absolutely AMAZING! If this movie would have scared me, then it would have been guaranteed five skulls! However, this movie did not scare me so I am therefore only giving it four skulls. Now, this movie definitely has suspense. I don't remember the last time I was drawn into a movie, but this one definitely had my full attention. I never took my eyes off of the screen and I absolutely loved it! If you like suspenseful movies with plot twists and things you'd never see coming, then this movie is definitely one you should consider watching. The Ring is definitely a well-known horror film, and Scary Movie 3 makes fun of it so that's more of a reason to watch it (Scary Movies are funny and The Ring is just an amazing movie).
    Now, this movie definitely has a good story line! This movie definitely presents something different to horror. For starters, I haven't seen a whole lot of movies with little girls in it that go around killing people. Second, this movie has a little girl coming out of the TV. Now, I know it Poltergiest that movie was how it was because of a TV, but this movie has a little girl! And water comes out of the TV! Another part of the creativity with this movie is how when you watch this certain film, you die in seven days. Along with that, as you find out the story of what happened to the little girl (her name is Samara) and why she goes around killing people. Honestly this never really happens to me, but I actually felt bad for the little girl. Her mom wasn't even supposed to have her, and her father hated her. Her father made her sleep in a barn with a bunch of horses. Along with that, this girl somehow made her mom go crazy without even meaning to. She also had to go to the mental asylum before, and let's not forget the fact that this girl literally never sleeps. This movie with the background story on the little girl was definitely a little bit crazy. The craziest thing about the story line with the little girl is the fact that her mom killed her. Yes, her mom killed her. Her mom loved her, but she couldn't have her anymore so she put a bag over her head and threw her down a well. It was really depressing, and for once I don't actually blame this girl for killing people.
    Now, the movie isn't the whole story about the little girl, but about a news reporter who watches the film that makes you die in seven days, and she does all of this research trying to learn about this little girl before she dies and along the way a lot of weird things happen that will definitely keep your attention well on this movie. Now, the music in the background was definitely good along with the acting, and the effects were definitely awesome because without them, this movie wouldn't have been as awesome as it was. There was one thing I did find kind of weird, but I'm just pointing it out. Around the very end of the movie the news reporter who watches the movie tells her son to go to his room, and when she does it she seems a lot like Kristen Stewart (Twilight), and I thought it was just weird and I had to point it out.
    Overall, I really loved this movie and this is definitely a must-see movie. I think practically anyone can enjoy watching this movie. Now, this movie didn't scare me at all but I know for anyone that gets easily scared, you will definitely be terrified. I would highly recommend if you even think you might get scared, watch it with a friend. At least if you die, you won't be alone.