Ratings: 4 skulls
    What would you do if all crime was legal for twelve hours? Would you run and hide? Or would you go out and kill, rape, steal, or anything else that's illegal? Well, for James Sandin, when an intruder breaks into his house that he secures for the Purge to keep himself and his family out of it, problems begin to occur. Will he and his family be able to keep their sanity, or will they begin to purge?
    I LOVED this movie! I have to give it four skulls. This movie had A LOT of suspense in it and even some twists to it, and it definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. I could not take my eyes off of my TV when I was watching it. I absolutely loved watching this movie! This movie is definitely also very realistic. This movie definitely is one of those movies where you can see it happening, and it's also fun to talk about with people like "what would you do if the purge happened" type of thing. This movie also is different from other horror films in the sense that yes there are killers, but they're actually living people and this kind of thing could actually happen in the world today, but if it did that would suck.
    The story line made a lot of sense! It is literally straight forward and to the point and it's not confusing! Like this is literally the most straight forward horror film that you can find that as long as you pay attention to the movie you won't be confused! The description above I wrote on the movie is literally the summary of the entire movie in simple terms like it's that straight forward! For those people like me who get confused easily, I promise you this movie won't be like the other ones. Along with that, this movie was made in 2013 and I'm a classic horror film person so if I like this movie, it has to be good.
    The acting was pretty good along with music and the effects were good. Now, the masks these people wore in this movie were pretty weird, they looked just like faces of regular people but in mask form. Along with that, these people were just weird in the movie. I liked though for the story line how the Purge had to do with this one house and how they didn't want to get involved yet they had to.
    Overall this movie was REALLY good. Even though I didn't get scared by it I can see other people getting scared by it that get easily scared. If you want to try watching more recent movies, I would say go with this one because I promise you will not be disappointed. Maybe even after you watch it you may want to just purge.


The Purge