Skulls: 3 skulls
    It all started from a box at a garage sale. Ten year old Emily asked her dad to buy it for her and he did. At first everything seems alright. But then, things begin to get even stranger than that. Emily begins to be acting less and less like herself. Both her parents divorced and having an older sister, worry and fear begin to go into all of them. As things get even stranger, the dad decides to try to figure out the secrets behind the box. Of course, he finds out just a little too late. Is there any way to stop this possession?
    I personally feel that this movie deserves three skulls. Starting right from the beginning the movie had my attention. When it comes to me watching newer horror films, they usually take some time before I actually get into them and I usually have to watch them again to understand what actually happened. In this movie, I actually understood what was going on and I must say the story line was interesting, but it made sense.
    This movie definitely did have good suspense. I was captivated throughout the whole movie and I loved watching it. The effects were also good in the movie. One thing that I thought was strange about the movie was the music. The music at the suspenseful parts and other parts of the movie was good except it reminded me too much of The Women in Black. I don't know why it did, but it did remind me of The Women in Black and I didn't really like that too much, but I did enjoy the music.
    One thing I have to say I didn't like about the movie is how when they preformed an exorcism, it was Jewish. Now I'm not trying to sound racist or against any sort of religion, but after watching the Exorcist, I got accustomed to the Catholic religion performing exorcisms where this movie was something a little different which I don't mind, but I didn't know Jewish people did exorcisms. I found it to be a little bit strange how the exorcism was being performed.
    My favorite part of this movie was when the little girl Emily is standing in her front yard and she starts to make her step-dad cough up blood. Now I do enjoy gore, but just how Emily looked when she did this. She just had the look of true evil in her eyes. She looked nothing like the sweet little girl in the beginning of the movie. She looked completely evil and it didn't even look like she was in her body anymore.
    Overall I did enjoy this movie. It didn't scare me, but I think this movie is a type where either you'll like it or dislike it. I feel some people may enjoy this movie, some people will hate this movie, and some will get scared and not even watch the entire movie.


The Possession