Skulls: Tombstone
      Two girls in Germany are going to a night club when they get lost in the middle of nowhere and they get a flat tire. Not knowing where to go, they walk around the woods until they find a house in the middle of the woods. A mad scientist lives in the house and he conducts multiple experiments. Will these two girls become a part of his next experiment of the human centipede or will they somehow make it out alive?
    I never thought a movie could get a tombstone, but this one definitely deserves it. It was horrible horror! I don't think this should even be considered horror! This shouldn't even exist that's how terrible it is! I think I'd rather eat centipedes than watch this movie again. It was just horrible. This movie wasted my life!
    Now, the nicest things I have possible to say about this movie is I liked how it can disturb some people. Other than that, I have nothing nice to say about this movie. First off, the story line made no sense! There are two girls that are on a vacation in Germany and they get lost and find this guy that lives in a house in the middle of the woods, and they go in it. The guy gives them water that he spiked up to make them pass out and then after difficulty he turns them and another random guy into the human centipede. Now I don't know what is wrong with this man or why he is even doing this, but it's stupid like the story line makes no sense in why he does any of this.
    I don't think I've ever watched a movie that gave me no suspense, but this one certainly didn't give me suspense. It just pissed me off the entire movie because the people in this movie had no common sense. I mean people in Friday the 13th don't have common sense but the people in this movie was just horrible!
    Another thing I hated about this movie is there was like NO music! Music makes movies more interesting and adds suspense! This movie could've had a chance at suspense if it only had some music! The acting was also terrible. These people could act, but they acted pretty stupid. Because they acted so stupid this made the story line even worse which caused there to be less suspense and this movie was just terrible.
    For those of you out there that thought this movie may be good or disturbing, it was horrible and the disturbing part about this movie was the fact that it's considered a horror movie. Whoever wrote this movie must have had their heads up their butts like the people who formed the human centipede. (But in seriousness if you don't have a strong stomach I wouldn't watch this movie, you won't make it)
     Overall I cannot emphasize enough how terrible this movie was and please don't watch it. It's not worth the time or the money. If anything on this site has a tombstone like this movie, do yourself and the rest of society a favor and don't watch the movie! Please don't watch this movie! You'll hate yourself if you do.


The Human Centipede