Ratings: 4 skulls
      It never forgives. It never forgets. American girl Karen lives in Tokyo, Japan and just so happens to come across a supernatural creature that possesses its victims, the grudge. Now being caught in the middle of the action, will Karen be able to stop all this supernatural power, or have her life ended in the chaos?
    Alright, the first time I tried watching this movie I didn't like it that much and quit and just said it was boring, but after about ten minutes of watching it the second time , I got really hooked into the movie. Like I got so hooked into the movie that I literally couldn't do anything. I couldn't pause it or even get up to lower the heat in my room I was so into the movie. I had to give this movie four skulls because I just got so hooked into it. The suspense in this movie was REALLY good! You want a movie that will be sure to make you jump; this is a great movie to watch for that. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat, along with giving you surprises you wouldn't expect that will make you jump.
    The story line was really good too! Now I will admit it was insanely confusing, but eventually you will figure it out. Throughout the whole movie I kept questioning why the grudge was killing people and they never showed until the end. Once you see the end and why she kills, the pieces of the puzzle all fit together. The story line was insanely confusing, but it eventually made sense to me and then I felt proud of myself for understanding the story line of the movie. Now, the reason why the grudge goes around killing people, that was just the most depressing thing. The grudge before she died was in love with a boy named Peter and she had a son and he had a black cat and she also had a husband. Well, this girl wanted to be with Peter and she said she was invisible to him and she loved him so much but she would draw pictures with hair covering her face, and every photo of her she cut her face out of it. When her husband found out, he drowned the cat and her son in the bathtub and stabbed her to death, and then he hung himself. Now, her son is a little Asian boy and he is ADORABLE! I got misty eyed when I saw that because that was just horrible and for once I didn't blame her for going around and killing people.
    The effects were definitely good, along with the acting and background music. This movie definitely had some pretty good gore (not my favorite gore movie but there was some decent gore) and I definitely liked this movie. This movie is out of being a classic horror film and I love this movie, so when I like a movie that is made within the more recent era, you know it has to be good.
    Now if this movie would have scared me I would have given it five skulls, but because it didn't I'm giving it four. Seriously go watch this movie like it was amazing and just a really good horror film that I would watch over and over again.


The Grudge