Ratings: 4 skulls
    When the fog rolls in….the terror begins! The sleepy seaside village of Antonio Bay is about to learn the true meaning of the word "vengeance". This town definitely holds secrets about the past. Exactly 100 years ago, a ship was wrecked in a fog. Now, those who died on the ship are back from the water grave and they want revenge upon their deaths. Can this fog full of angry dead sailors be stopped, or will more and more disappear into it just like them?
    Alright, this movie I've decided to give four skulls to it. It was definitely a good movie. One thing about most horror before the 1990's, usually most of those classic horror's I enjoy watching far more than these recent horror films. Anyways, this movie definitely had good suspense in it. I was definitely on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next while I was watching the movie. To make things better with suspense, I like movies (especially horror films) that end with a twist, and this movie definitely had a twist. This twist isn't one of those "I couldn't believe I didn't see it coming" twists, but one of those twists that gives you the chills and you wonder what's going to happen next, even though the movie ended.
    The story line of this movie made sense! It didn't make sense how the pirates came back killing people, but the story line made sense! I understood the who, what, why, when, and where! Most horror films I'll never understand the how (or some of those other parts), but this film I understood everything else but the how, so this movie definitely makes sense. Along with that, this movie definitely is different than most horror films by its story line. Now when I say it's different by them having a different story line I don't mean because obviously it's written differently than other films, but they killed people using fog! They used fog and pirates in this movie and turned it into horror! This movie didn't scare me, but if I was easily scared I would be terrified of being by the ocean at night especially with fog! Along with that, it's pretty awesome how they come to this one town and just bring this fog to people and once the people are in the fog, they don't come out.
    One thing I liked about this movie was how this women had a radio show in a lighthouse where the fog happened and she would first do a late night radio show, but then she used it to help people try and survive the fog, and thanks to her radio show it worked! The only downside is the fog came to the lighthouse and the pirates came to kill her and…….watch the movie to find out the rest.
    The acting was pretty good along with the music in the background to help create suspense. The effects were definitely pretty good, especially with the fog! The fog was very thick and seeing the shadows of pirates within it was pretty awesome. This movie was very well done and even though it didn't scare me, I would still go out and buy it because it truly was an amazing movie that will give you suspense and for those who do get easily scared you will get scared.


The Fog