Ratings: 2 Skulls
     Sarah has always been different. So as the newcomer at St. Benedict's Academy, she immediately falls in with the high school outsiders. However, these girls won't settle for just being a group of powerful misfits. They have discovered something. They have discovered THE CRAFT and they intend to use it.
    Alright I'm giving this movie two skulls. Honestly, it was in no way scary. Now, this movie definitely was a good movie. I enjoyed watching it very much and it had my attention. I just wasn't scared by it in any way. Now I did enjoy the story line of it. The story line didn't confuse me and it made sense. The effects in the movie were also pretty decent.
    One thing I liked about the movie was how these four girls all were. Each one of them had some sort of problem and they all were together in the circle. I also liked some of the clothes they wore. But one thing I did like was that they were all similar in some ways. They all were outsiders, they all made the circle to do witch craft, and they all didn't fail at doing it. They actually did pretty well for being teenage witches that went to a religious private school.
      This movie honestly didn't have that much suspense to it and it definitely wasn't gory but it was still good. I can't remember the last time I watched a horror film that didn't involve a killer. Actually, I don't even think I've watched a horror film without a killer. Of course people die in this movie and they were killed, but they weren't killed by killers. There weren't serial killers in this movie like most horror films or even like paranormal type of killers. That's what I also liked about this movie. I liked having something different to it.
    Something I didn't like about this movie was how it really wasn't that scary or that much like a horror film. It is a horror film and it was a good movie, but it just didn't feel like a horror film. I feel like I can show this movie to my little brother and he wouldn't be affected by it in any way.
    My favorite part of the movie was when the four girls went to the beach and they did some ritual and then dead sharks were on the beach the next day, which I wasn't a fan of that part but I thought it was cool how they did it.
    There's also this shop in the movie for witch craft that I thought that it looked awesome. There was a room in the shop with a pentagram on the floor and candles and it looked pretty cool. I also found the lady at the shop to be quite interesting.
    Overall this movie was good but I think it may need to go back to the grave.

The Craft