Ratings: 2 skulls
     Apparently, this movie is based on a true event. Ghost hunters Lorraine and Ed Warren help a family out that is being terrorized by an evil spirit that haunts their farmhouse. Will these ghosts' hunters be successful? Or will things go to a more intense level?
    The movie was good, but I didn't like it that much. It didn't even scare me. I couldn't help but laugh through the whole movie. The movie wasn't horrible though; there were some parts in it I enjoyed. One part I enjoyed in the movie was when the mom was possessed and she was trying to kill her daughter. I found that to be funny. I also enjoyed the part when the doll Anna Bell was missing from her case. I thought that was cool.
    One part of the movie that greatly disappointed me was when Lorraine went into the wardrobe and began pulling up a rope from it and no one was on the end of it. It was just an empty Neuse. I was hoping for someone's dead body on the other end because I wanted to see the person that tried to kill themselves. Obviously because there wasn't a body on the other end of the rope this person must not have killed themselves properly.
    I honestly think that this movie really wasn't scary and it was more of something you could just laugh at. It wasn't a horrible movie, it's just that I didn't like it and it was kind of boring. One thing about these demon movies is that with the newer ones people just don't use their effects the right way. You could make these movies really awesome and gory and scary, but these people don't do that. Instead they do things based on true stories and they suck. Most of these true story movies suck. I say people just need to use their own imaginations and stop making movies about crap that's stupid! There is no need to make a movie on something based on a true story when people can do something about it to stop the problem! In this movie these people could have blessed their house and if that didn't work they could have moved somewhere else! Problem solved!
    I honestly just think these movies based on true stories aren't that good and because of people's stupidity they just don't stop the problems. Now I have seen worse movies based on true stories, this one wasn't the worst out there. I just feel that it doesn't make sense how this movie is so terrifying when it isn't.
    There is one thing in the movie that seems stupid to me. There's these two people Lorraine and Ed and they do research on possessed items. Instead of being smart people and maybe getting a warehouse to store these items, they keep them all in their basement. If I were them I wouldn't do that. They are putting their lives in danger along with their child! In one part of the movie the child is locked inside a room and she sees the doll Anna Bell who should be in the basement in a glass case….these are just some bad parents.
    Overall this movie wasn't horrible. There were some things I liked. One of those things was how a mom got possessed and almost tried to kill her daughter. I also liked how there was a possessed doll. Another good part was the room with possessed objects. I want one of those one day; I just won't put it in my house!
    Overall this movie was okay, but it could be next to go back into the grave.

The Conjuring