The Boy (2016)
Skulls: 4 skulls

    All a child wants is to be loved. An American girl by the name of Greta comes to England to take care of a boy by the name of Brahms while his parents are out of town. Well, little does she know until she gets there, Brahms is not like any other child, in fact he isn't a child at all. Greta is given a list for taking care of Brahms and she must follow everything that is on the list or Brahms will get angry. The last thing you want, is for Brahms to get angry.
    I personally have to give this movie a four skull rating. For starters, this movie has a great story line, is full of suspense, and has a great plot twist ending. The first thing I want to say (which is completely random) is that Lauren Cohen (who plays  Maggie on The Walking Dead) is the star of the movie playing Greta. The actors in this movie are definitely phenomenal and they played their parts very well.
    The story line of this movie goes that Greta is an American girl coming to England to get a new start and to get away from some conflicts that she had in America. She comes to England to watch a boy by the name of Brahms while his parents are away on vacation. However, Brahms is not the ordinary boy. While Brahms isn't the ordinary boy, like any child, he has a list of needs that he requires. If the things on the list are not done, Brahms will get angry and he will begin to play some not fun childish tricks. While this may seem to be the surface issue, there are definitely even more sinister things within the walls of this house.
    One thing I definitely have to say about this movie is that it had a lot of suspense. When I say I was on the edge of my seat watching this movie, I was literally on the edge of my seat watching this movie. At first Greta did not follow the list of things that she had to do, and then Brahms began doing weird things. However, Greta finally realized she needed to follow the list and when she did her and Brahms seemed to have a special bond. Over time they seemed to be doing good, but then Greta had a crazy ex stop by and visit her. Her crazy ex wants her to leave with him, however Brahms is not in agreement with him and things begin to get a little too dangerous.
    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! At the end of the movie Greta's crazy ex gets angry and smashes Brahms face and then the whole house begins to shake and the actual Brahms bursts out of the walls and kills him and then goes after Greta. SPOILER ALERT DONE!
    Overall this was a great movie and I really enjoyed watching it. One thing that I loved about the movie definitely had to be the fact that Lauren Cohen was the star of the movie. As a whole, the movie really did have a good story line and was very suspenseful! The effects were also really good and this is a definite must see movie!
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