It was the night of Halloween; a Saturday night with the full moon. Being a male at the age of 21, dressing up in costumes and going to corny Halloween parties isn't exactly my thing. I'm all for Halloween, and I'm always up for trying to get scared, but this year I had a different idea in mind for what to do on Halloween.
    Earlier this week I had gone to the grocery store, picking up snacks and some scary movies for my Halloween gathering. I was walking past the toys, on my way to the movies, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye that caught my attention. I walked back a few feet and looked at the shelf to see something that I never thought I would see in the toys section; a Ouija Board. As a child, I had heard many stories about the Ouija Board and how many bad things could happen if it was misused, so my mom made sure to keep me away from it. However, being a lot older now and not having my mom over my shoulder to tell me what to do, I take the board off of the shelf, and I bring it to the checkout and pay for it.

    For tonight's Halloween party, I have out snacks and beverages, but in the living room I cleared off my coffee table and set up the board, along with some candles. All I had to do now was wait for my guests to show up, and at around 6 o'clock they started showing up. I'm not a very social guy, so I only had about four friends come over. Their names were: Tom, Jeff, Mary, and Lisa, and my name is Ben. When everyone first showed up, we were all just messing around and eating food. When it turned to around 7:30, it was pitch black outside, so we decided now was a perfect time to try out the Ouija Board. Mary and Lisa were too afraid to use it, so the rest of us guys decided to use the board. We had Lisa holding a notepad to write down what the board would say, and Mary just sat to watch.
    When everyone was situated, we moved the planchette in a circle on the board three times. I then began to ask questions.
    "Is there anyone there?" I asked in a mysterious voice. For no reason Mary began giggling and Lisa slapped her to make her stop. We waited around for about a minute and then I asked another question. "Are there any spirits who wish to communicate with us?" Still nothing. I then began to feel aggravated, considering the fact that I was prepared for something to happen. Right when I was about to call it quits, the planchette began to move.
    It spelled out one name: Mary.
    Us guys took our hands off of the board quickly and everyone looked directly at Mary. She didn't move, she sat as still as a statue. Then, her eyes rolled back until all we could see were the whites of her eyes. I felt the chills going down my spine, and that's when Mary let out a loud blood curling scream.
    After that scream, I blacked out and I can't remember much after that. There is one tragic part of this story that I do remember in graphic detail. I remember waking up the next morning and everyone was missing. I got up and began walking around, confused as to what had happened the night before. I had to use the bathroom, so that was the first room I went into.
    When I got into the bathroom I started to do my business, but I couldn't help but to smell something with a strong metallic stench. I then tried to figure out what was causing such an abominable smell, and that's when I pulled back my shower curtain to see Lisa dead in my bathtub. By instinct I took a few steps back and looked at her to see her eyes had been clawed out, and her throat had been slit. She was now lying in a pool of blood. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes, and then I ran out of the bathroom, and into the kitchen, grabbing my cell phone to call 9-1-1.
    When I got on the phone I told the police what had happened, and they said that they would be on their way shortly. I hung up the phone and I felt my heart beginning to race. If Lisa was dead in my house, what was there to be said about everyone else? I decided to grab a knife from out of one of the drawers in my kitchen, and I began to investigate. I walked down the hallway, and I passed the bathroom to go into the guest bedroom. Of course to my horror, I saw Jeff lying on the bed, head decapitated from his body and the rest of his body chopped up into separate pieces on the bed. I ran out of the guest bedroom quickly, and I then ran upstairs to my bedroom.
    This was definitely the worst site imaginable. Coming into my bedroom, I saw Tom with a noose around his neck, hanging off of my ceiling fan. His limbs were thrown about the room, and Tom had a slit mouth. I dropped the knife out of my hand and put my hands over my mouth trying not to throw up. I then heard the door behind me slam, and I turned around to see one name on it written in blood: Ben.
    The chills went all over my body. I heard the police sirens in the distance. I stood frozen in place, staring at my name written in blood on the door. Then, that's when I heard the giggle from behind me.
    They were too late.
The Bloody Name
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