Storm of the Century
Ratings: 4 skulls
    Give me what I want and I'll go away. A novel by Stephen King, it's an island up north. One thing about people on an island is that they're good at keeping secrets. When a bad storm comes across the island, the Devil comes and he wants a child. Will he get the child, or will this storm of the century end up making the entire town disappear?
    Alright, I am giving this movie four skulls. One thing I will say about this movie is that it definitely is long. It is a four-hour long movie. Now, one great thing about this movie is that it was based on a Stephen King novel, and Stephen King is a really good horror writer. Now, this movie isn't your usual horror where it's gory, but it's kind of like Stephen King's other movie "The Stand". This movie gives the realistic feel like this could happen type of horror like "The Stand". The story line to this movie definitely was good. Basically this guy who is the Devil comes to this island somewhere around Boston and he causes a huge storm and is hypnotizing people and killing them off and he keeps sending this message, "Give me what I want and I'll go away." Towards the end of the movie he finally says that he wants a child, and there's eight on this entire island. In the process of telling these people they should listen to him before he makes the proposal, he kills off some people, makes others disappear, gives them all nightmares, and even has the children fall asleep where they won't wake. The other part to mention is if he doesn't get a child, he then will make an island suicide and have everyone drown in the ocean, including the children. I honestly thought that this was all just depressing, but it was still a REALLY good movie.
    There was definitely a good amount of suspense in this movie. Even though this movie is four hours long, it's not that hard to get hooked to the movie. I think anyone can watch this movie and enjoy it. Even people who aren't that into horror can watch this and enjoy it. The acting was also pretty good in this movie along with the effects used and music used in the movie to add onto the suspense. I know I said this before, but the movie definitely had a realistic feel to it where it's not a gory horror, but realistic which is where some can get scared. I personally wasn't scared by this movie, but I definitely got hooked into the movie.
    Now, my favorite part of this movie is when this guy actually possesses people and kills them because it's just awesome when he does it. In one part of the movie he's in a jail cell and he's controlling an old lady and when he's doing it in the jail cell, the town people are just looking at him like he's crazy and to me it was funny. Another thing I love is that the guy who is the Devil is always singing the little teapot song. The guy also says this quote, "Born in lust, turn to dust. Born in sin, come on in." I thought this quote was really cool. One thing that this guy does that I love is he knows all the dirty secrets that everyone has and when he starts reciting them to people it makes them get angry and they go crazy and I just love it.
    Overall this was a really good movie that I think people should watch. It's not your usual type of horror, but it still is a REALLY good movie! Anyone can watch it, horror fan or not, but it is Stephen King and he is a REALLY good writer and this is a really good movie so go and watch it because it is REALLY good! You will get hooked into it and simply love it! Now go watch it and remember, "Give him what he wants and he'll go away".