spooky woods
Ratings: 4 skulls
    Located in High Point, North Carolina, it's Spooky Woods! This haunted location has been around for thirty years, and is definitely one of the best haunted locations I've seen in North Carolina. The experience was definitely one that I want to remember. Spooky woods has 9 amazing attractions, but when you pay to go, you get all of them together. Tickets cost as low as $25 (plus parking which is $5 per car and $20 per bus), but if you're me, you might spend $50 to just cut even the V.I.P line. If you're not waiting in the V.I.P line as well, then you might be waiting in line for about two hours.

When you first enter Spooky Woods, it looks like an old town, with buildings and shops and it looks really cool. There's humans like you roaming around, along with creatures that have come back from the dead roaming around. Enjoy the music, food, and the gift shop is awesome too. When you first actually go into the attractions, you'll enter a house. Not that big, but once you go in you might just not leave.

After going through the house, you have the tram ride. Basically a hayride, but no hay and faster....and zombies jump on it to sit next to you. The tram ride was definitely my favorite attraction because it was definitely a different kind of experience and I just thought zombies actually getting on it was awesome.

After going on the tram ride, you enter the woods. No light (and I mean no light) except for a glowing blue bottle. That is your only light source, but one thing that sucks about it is it's really hard to see with it and it doesn't really help with navigation through the forest. It only helps the creatures in the forest to see you. After you go through the forest, you have another tram ride and then the corn maze. It is covered in fog and it's really hard to see through it. I definitely liked having a lot of fog, but in this corn maze, the dead still follow you through it.

After you get out of the corn maze, you have the castle which has werewolves, vampires, undead sea, and so much more with things that will give you a fright. Let's not forget the hospital with a doctor that may need you for some experiments. You also might just want to watch out for the snake down in the basement (When I say snake, I mean snake). After you go through the entire castle with its many features, that's the end of the attractions.

I really did enjoy going there and I really did have a fun experience and would definitely do it again. I never felt scared going through it, but for some they might get scared. I don't get scared in places especially when nothing grabs me. Overall I will say this is an enjoyable experience and anyone who goes to Spooky Woods will have fun, even if they don't get scared by the attractions. This is definitely a good experience and so far one of the best haunted locations I've seen in North Carolina