Sinister (2012)

Ratings: 4 skulls

    If you knew that a family was brutally murdered in their home with a child missing, would you even dare step on the property? Well, for Ellison Oswald, he moved into a house like that. Being a crime writer and having great success on his first book, Oswald wishes to have the same success writing a second book. He looks at this murder as a chance for his next book. However, unsolved events also have unopened secrets. Moving into this house, Oswald opens up a door into many terrifying horrors that should have remained shut after the tragedy of the previous family....
    Alright, this movie definitely deserves a four skull rating! I've been getting myself to watch more recent horror films, and this one is definitely a good one! Let me first say that this film did not scare me (if it did I would have given it 5 skulls). However, this film definitely gave me the chills in some parts. I found that this movie was definitely paranormal, it had some realism to it, but the fact it had gore is what sold me on it. It is very hard for me to find a good realistic horror film with gore in it! The fact that this movie was realistic, and it managed to be gory is definitely one reason why I liked it a lot! (We all know I am  huge gore fan!)
    One thing this movie definitely gave me was suspense. There were so many moments in the movie where I was on the edge of my seat, either knowing what was going to happen or trying to figure out what was going to happen, and the suspense definitely made the movie even more interesting. I also want to say that there is a plot twist at the end of the movie. Now, I will be nice and not spoil the plot twist, but the ending of the movie was definitely intense!
    I do want to also talk a little bit about the story line of the movie. Basically there's a family of four and they move into this house where a previous family of five lived. The previous family was hung on a tree, except for one child in the family. The child went missing after the murder and no one knows where the child went. Along with that, in this house the author Oswald that moved in finds a box of home videos in the attic. Now, these videos are on one of those old film things where you use the film strip. He watches all of the films in the box to see the family that previously lived in the house getting hung on a tree, and there's even more murders! Now, a logical person would immediately call the police and hand that in as evidence. However, when he does call the police, he just hangs up the phone. WHO DOES THAT!? I love horror films, but the lack of common sense and logic in them really annoy me.
    Now, this is probably going to sound confusing, but this is a little bit of a hint to the plot twist at the end of the movie. (If you don't even want a hint of the plot twist, I suggest you skip over this paragraph. If you don't skip over it now, that's your fault.) Oswald has a wife, a son, and a daughter. Now, in one part his wife is making him coffee for the morning and his daughter asks to help out and she lets her. Now, nothing bad happens here, but at the end of the movie just suspect the cup of coffee has something to do with the shocking ending. (By end of the movie I mean when they move back into their old house, and if you want to find out why they left the murder house, watch the movie!)
    The spoiler is done! Overall I thought this was a REALLY good movie, and I would definitely watch this movie again! I think for those of you who are easier to scare, this movie will definitely scare you. As for me and those who don't get scared easily, you will definitely enjoy this movie a lot! Before I go, one tip of advice that I give to you: don't move into a murder house!