Ratings: 4 skulls
    Chucky and Tiffany are back once again, however, things go a little bit more different this time. Having a son that brings them both back from the dead, these two now have to become parents. But being serial killers definitely isn't the best thing to be teaching a child. Tiffany works her best to stop being a killer, but Chucky on the other hand is the total opposite. Will these two be able to work the flaws out, or will they just continue being killer parents?
    Alright, I LOVE this movie! The Bride of Chucky is still my favorite out of the Chucky series, but this one is definitely my second favorite. I am giving this movie four skulls and I have good reasons. For starters, this is a more recent movie; it definitely can't fall into the class of classic horror. I'm not that huge of a fan of recent movies, so me being in love with a recent one means it has to be good. The suspense in the movie was definitely good. The end of the movie definitely had some twists that weren't exactly suspected. The movie was also just really interesting which helped add onto the suspense. Not to mention that the movie was definitely funny like this movie made me laugh the most out of all of the Chucky movies, and trust me I have seen them all.
    The story line was actually decent! This is the fifth movie in the series, and usually by the fourth movie of a series they start to become mistakes, but this movie being the fifth one was REALLY good! The story line made sense and the ending of the fourth movie definitely helped out A LOT with making this story line make sense! Now, don't get me wrong some parts of the story line were a little bit weird and confusing, but all in all they made sense! The story line made sense along with being an interesting story line and they did a good job at making it look like they weren't just trying to make more money, but instead they actually cared about whether or not the movie made sense!
    The back ground music was good, along with acting, and effects I don't normally give much credit too except saying whether they were good or bad but they were definitely good. I normally don't do this for many movies but I really liked the effects, especially when it came to the kills. One kill Tiffany was cutting someone's organs out of them, and the organs looked pretty cool. Along with that in one murder this paparazzi was taking photos and Chucky decided to hunt him down and when the guy died his face was burned off with acid. Not to mention it's always nice in a scene when someone falls off of a staircase and is burned alive. (Plot twist part of the movie)
    Overall this movie was actually REALLY good and not a waste of time and after watching the bride of Chucky, this is definitely another good movie to watch because this is really a good movie. If it scared me, I would've given it five skulls, but it has four which is a good score so go watch it!


Seed of Chucky