Ratings: 3 skulls
    A family is traveling on a road trip to camp out in the wilderness in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. What seems to at first be a fun vacation, soon turns into a horrible nightmare. The Pine Barrens soon becomes a horrible nightmare of a clan of backwoods psychopaths and a blood crazed beast known as 'The Jersey Devil.' All these things put together make it Satan's perfect playground.
    Alright honestly I think this movie deserves three skulls. I have never seen a horror film like this one before. This movie reminds me a little bit about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but I like this way better. At first I was a bit picky about whether or not I should buy this movie, but after I watched it I had no regrets.
    This movie does take place in the Pine Barrens which is an actual location in New Jersey. This movie definitely is a bit sick. For starters there are Satanists in it. People in this movie like to do rituals and they seem to greatly enjoy killing people. In one part of the movie these two women were sitting down and one of them was repeatedly hitting a guy with a hammer. The guy was already dead but she just kept hitting him. The girl sitting next to her was smiling and laughing at it and blood was splattering all over her face in the process of this. These people like to use hammers I noticed throughout the whole movie.
    This movie definitely had gore. For those of you who are in it for the gore this is definitely a good movie that can give you some. There is definitely blood in the movie and also other weird things that may catch your interests.
    This movie is somewhat based on the actual story of the Pine Barrens and The Jersey Devil. There's a house in the Pine Barrens (in this movie I don't know about the actual Pine Barrens) and there's an old lady and her name is Mother Leed. Now this part made my jaw drop because Mother Leed is mother of The Jersey Devil and in the movie when she couldn't get the job done, The Jersey Devil did. She also had thirteen kids and all of them were messed up in the head and The Jersey Devil was the thirteenth child in his family. Furthermore, it got me excited how Mother Leed was a character in the movie as well.
    I'm from New Jersey, and I've heard many stories about the Pine Barrens before, so this movie just made me excited. I honestly didn't get scared watching this movie but I was definitely in love with the movie. I was captivated the whole entire time. The story line was very easy to understand and the movie didn't confuse me that much like some of the more unknown ones do.
    Overall I would definitely recommend seeing this movie. It didn't scare me, but for some people I can see that happening with this movie. I would also like to point out that this movie did look to be cheaply made as well, but for a cheaply made movie it wasn't that bad.
    This movie was good, but not scary. (At least for me)

Satan's Playground