Ouija Board Rules
Rule #1: Take the game seriously
    While for some it may seem like the ouija board is only a game, it really is more than just a game. Don't play the game when you're drunk or high because it can anger the spirits. You should also make sure you're not asking questions about yourself, but ask legitimate questions about the spirit that you're talking to. You should also try not to laugh or do anything else like joking around because that can anger the spirits, and we don't want to do that. Taking the game seriously also helps to give you a shield; it makes you less vulnerable to the spirits and makes it hard for them to take control of you, or to attach itself to you.

Rule #2: Don't play the game alone

    It may be hard for you to find someone willing to play with you, but NEVER play alone. This is definitely a big no in playing the Ouija Board. Make sure you have at least one other person playing with you, for their are reasons. One reason is that if you play alone and weird things begin to happen, it can actually cause you to go crazy. Having a friend there to witness these things along with you helps to prevent you from thinking you're going crazy. If weird things happen and you have a friend there it can make you more calm. Getting scared will only make you more vulnerable. Becoming more vulnerable can make the spirits stronger, and let's not say what can happen after that.
Rule #3: ALWAYS say goodbye

    In my personal opinion, this is by far one of the most important rules. Whenever you use a Ouija Board, no matter how calm the session is, ALWAYS say goodbye at the end to close the session, and have the spirit move the planchette to goodbye. Even if the spirit seems nice and it doesn't seem like anything bad will happen, ALWAYS say goodbye! If you don't say goodbye at the end of a session, this is like leaving your front door open; any spirits can come through the board and they can attach themselves to you. When you say goodbye, you close the door so nothing can come out and do anything weird.
    Now some people may have an experience where the spirit won't go to goodbye. If this happens, you MAKE it say goodbye. How you do this is first you say goodbye and if the spirit doesn't move to goodbye then you take the planchette and move it to goodbye and say goodbye at the same time. After doing this, make sure you and everyone around you feel calm. Doing this will close the session, and will make sure nothing else is attached to you.
    Overall, this is definitely the most important rule to follow, so ALWAYS say goodbye!
Rule #4: Never let the planchette move backwards through the numbers or the alphabet

    If you're ever using the Ouija Board and the planchette begins going backwards through the numbers or the alphabet, resist letting the planchette do that, or simply close the game. When the planchette moves backwards, it gives the spirit a chance to escape the board, which can lead to bad things happening. Best thing to do in this situation is to just say goodbye, or just resist having the planchette do that.
Rule #5: Never use the Ouija Board in your home

    This rule is probably one of the most important rules. If you're going to use the Ouija Board, never use it in your own home. Your home is a place where you feel comfortable, safe. If you use the board in your home and something comes out of the board, this can make you more vulnerable. Doing it in a place other than your home will give you more protection in case something does come out, that way it won't be released into your home. Now the spirit can attach itself to you, but you have less of a chance of something being in your home, so you won't be harming your family.
Rule #6: Never play in a graveyard

    Playing in a graveyard with a Ouija Board is definitely not a good idea. As we all know, there are many dead bodies in the graveyard, therefore there are also spirits that go with them. Using a Ouija Board in a grave yard isn't a good idea for the fact that you're breaking a sacred bond. Along with that, those spirits have been laid to rest, so bringing the spirits back up will most likely anger them, and you probably don't want to do that.
Rule #7: Never mention God around the Ouija Board

    Mentioning God around the Ouija Board is a good way to anger the spirits. Most spirits of the board are expected to be 'evil' so saying God in front of them can anger them. Spirits know they are weak in the power to God, so this makes them angry, and angering them is never a good thing to do.
These are the rules of the Ouija Board! I strongly recommend following them, because if you don't follow them bad things can happen. However, just as long as you follow these rules, you should be alright and can have an enjoyable experience using the Ouija Board! Now if you decide to use one, have fun! Just remember: ALWAYS say goodbye!