Skulls: 4 skulls
    Michael Myers killed his sister, her boyfriend and his step dad. The only people he didn't kill was his mother and his little sister. He got sent away to a mental hospital. Years later, he escapes going back to Haddonfield in search of his baby sister, Laurie. For anyone who crosses his path, they're in grave danger.
    This movie definitely deserved four skulls. Honestly I love Rob Zombie and I think he did a fantastic job on this movie. This is definitely one of my favorite Halloween movies. I like how he went back to when Michael Myers was only a little kid and how messed up he was. I really thought that was awesome. I also loved the kid who played ten years old Michael Myers. The actor Rob Zombie had to play Michael Myers just looked absolutely evil. I think all the actors and actresses in this movie were fantastic.
    This movie had excellent gore. It was very realistic and there was a lot of killing and gore. I always love horror films with gore. This film was great on how the gore was done. With each kill, the gore wasn't over done. Now, Michael Myers is a sick character and he makes sure the job is done. He will keep doing what he is doing until you are beyond dead. That's another thing I definitely liked about Michael Myers was how much he beat or stabbed a person until you knew at that point there was no hope for them.
    Another thing that was excellent about this movie was the suspense. I was captivated by this movie the entire time and it definitely gave me suspense. One thing that I loved about this movie which I love about all of the Halloween movies is the music. The famous Halloween music I have always loved about this movie. When the theme music is playing, it just gives suspense. One thing that made me a little confused at the credits of the movie is the song playing in the credits. The song playing in the end credits is a song about the sandman, and it's very peaceful and upbeat. The original Halloween had this song as well so I don't blame Rob Zombie for using it, but it's just strange to me when you're watching a movie with a completely psycho killer and the end credits has a happy song about the sandman.
    There wasn't anything about this movie that I could say I didn't like. I liked the whole movie from start to finish. My favorite part of this movie was after the ten year old Myers killed practically his entire family, he was sitting outside with his baby sister and his mom comes home and finds everyone dead and she's freaking out and he's so calm about it all.
    Overall I found this to be a very excellent movie that I think people should see. This movie didn't scare me, but I'm in love with it. Rob Zombie just did an amazing job on this movie and the actors and actresses played their parts great as well.


Halloween: Rob Zombie