Skulls: 3 skulls

     It's that time of year again. Michael Myers is back in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois to take care of some unfinished family business. Unleashing his trail of terror, Michael Myers will stop at nothing. However, the town now has a new hero. That is, if they can only stay alive long enough to stop what is the unstoppable.
    I have to give this movie a three skull rating. This was definitely a good movie and I did enjoy watching it. However, there were some things I thought that should be different in the movie. For example, they got a different kid acting as the ten year old Michael Myers, (they were doing flashbacks from when he was in the mental hospital) and this kid wasn't the best. I honestly think they should have just got the kid from the original Halloween because that kid looked like a killer. Another thing I thought was strange was the story line. The mother went from killing herself in the first movie because her son became a killer to wanting him to kill her daughter Laurie. I mean the story line wasn't bad, but I found this to be strange. I guess Rob Zombie wanted to make a sequel. Now don't not watch it because the story line is a little bit strange and they got a different kid as the ten year old Michael Myers. This movie is worth watching.
    This movie was definitely very gory. I think this movie may actually be even more gory than the first one. I always have to praise Rob Zombie for the gore he does in these movies because he never lets me down with how he does the gore. He keeps it accurate to what could happen if someone tried to kill you the way Myers does, and he makes it bloody.
    I definitely liked the music. It was the same as the last movie, but it was still just as good as the last movie. The beginning of the movie had a good intro just like the last movie as well. This movie also did have very good suspense. I couldn't take my eyes off of watching it. Even though the story line was a little bit confusing and sometimes it did take me a few minutes before I finally understood what was going on, the suspense didn't fail. The ending of this movie I feel did have some sort of twist. I'm not saying a twist where a person did something or there's a secret about a person, but a twist as in a strange ending to the movie.
    I think my favorite part of this movie was where the girl Laurie lived with, Annie, was murdered and her dad is a cop. He comes into the house and finds her dead in the bathroom and just how Rob Zombie made that moment. When people died in the first Halloween and this one, I really didn't feel much sympathy when anyone died. I either cheered on their death or thought it was completely stupid how they died. In this moment of watching the movie, there was a different feeling.
In this part of the movie Laurie runs into her house and runs into the bathroom to find Annie still alive, but just barely. Annie already has lost a lot of blood and it's everywhere in the bathroom and you can definitely tell it's about to become a murder scene. Anyways, after Annie dies Laurie's all upset and Michael Myers is trying to kill her. Well the cops show up and Annie's father sees her dead and the whole feel of the movie changed. It felt very depressing and it actually felt sad for the fact that she died. I have to say Rob Zombie is very good at making you love the movie and then feeling sorrow for watching all these people die. Watching that scene just changed my point of both of the movies and because of how good it was made, I choose that scene to be my favorite.
Overall I feel that this was a very good movie. I wasn't scared by watching this, but it was very good. I personally do like the first one better, but this one is still worth seeing. I would recommend watching the first one and then this one so you don't get more confused then you already should. Yes, the story line was confusing, but you'll understand it after watching it a few times. Make sure to watch all the Rob Zombie Halloweens! You won't be sorry!


Halloween 2: Rob Zombie