The Purge 2: Anarchy (2014)

Ratings: 4 skulls

    One night a year, all crime is legal; you can do anything you want for twelve hours, including murder. Now, most would stay in their homes and just wait the purge out. But what would you do if you were forced onto the streets for purge night? Could you survive the anarchy?
    Alright, the second purge movie was WAY better than the first one! I definitely suggest watching this movie! One thing I do like about this movie is that you do NOT  need to watch the first one to understand it. If you have not watched the first one, donít even bother. Just watch this one because itís really easy for anyone to understand, and it is so much better.
    One thing that I want to say about this movie is that there was definitely a lot of suspense, more suspense than the first movie. This movie will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat, and you will NOT want to take your eyes off of the movie. The first time I watched it, I was completely hypnotized into the movie, and I was definitely entertained by it. You will definitely be entertained by this movie and kept on the edge of your seat.
    Now, the storyline of this movie was a lot better than the first movie! The first thing that I want to say about the storyline of this movie is that it actually shows people on the streets. I also like how in the beginning of this movie, thereís three different groups of people, and then they merge into one group together on the streets. This movie should have definitely been the first one because it shows people murdering on the streets, and it shows the true terrors of the purge. The first movie showed a rich family trapped in their house. In my personal opinion, it really was not a good depiction of the actual purge. This movie shows you the actual purge on the streets, and it also shows the rebellion people have.
My favorite part of the movie is when the group of people are captured and then sent into an arena. (The arena is where the rich people pay A LOT of money and they go in and kill unarmed lower class people. They do this so they can purge, and they will not have to risk their lives on the streets.) When they get into the arena, they were unarmed at first, but the guy leading the group managed to kill five of the rich people. I thought that was really bad ass. On top of that, afterwards the rest of the upper class did not like that, so they sent in their forces to kill them all. However, a group of rebels came in and started shooting up the place and I thought that was awesome. Unfortunately, one of the group members got shot in the process, but because I am not a horrible person, I will not tell you who the person is.
    Overall, this was a really good movie! This movie did not scare me, but if it did I would have definitely given it five skulls. The movie had some really good plot twists as well. (The most of a spoiler I will give on it is that you sometimes cannot even trust your own family.) I really this purge is the one you need to watch. Skip watching the first one and watch this one instead! I promise, you will not be disappointed and you will really enjoy the anarchy.