The Pine Barrens
Location: Pinelands National Reserve in New Jersey
Ever heard of The Jersey Devil? I'm sure you're familiar with the NHL hockey team The Jersey Devils, but how exactly did that name come about? Well, let me tell you a story on how it did.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a women who went by the name of Mother Leeds. She had twelve children, and was pregnant with one more. When she was about to have her thirteenth son she said, "Let this one be a Devil." And with that, the Jersey Devil was born, with a horse-like head and bat-like wings. Right at birth, the Jersey Devil killed most of his family along with the house wives, and then yelped before flying up and out of the chimney of the house. The Jersey Devil was blamed for many things such as murder of livestock, destruction, and just death. Now, the Jersey Devil forever haunts the Pine Barren's of New Jersey, causing fear and havoc to those who see it.

If it isn't bad enough having the Jersey Devil running around to cause trouble, the Pine Barren's is also a grave to many people. The Pine Barren's is just miles and miles of woods, so it's definitely a good place to hide a body. Mafias have used the Pine Barren's in the past before to bury bodies of those they needed to get rid of. With bodies being disposed of, you can be sure that some spirits come back from the dead to get revenge. If Mafias burying bodies in the Pine Barren's along with the Jersey Devil isn't bad enough, satanists also have claimed the Pine Barren's. Devil worshippers and satanists (same thing just different names) have taken over the forest and do rituals in them as well. The Jersey Devil, dead bodies from Mafias, and satanists. How can one survive them all?

The Pine Barren's is a place located in the South of New Jersey, and Pine trees are an endless view. As you go through the Pine Barren's, many people have said that they have seen some weird things. Some say in the Pine Barren's, they've seen hoof footprints. Some say they've seen things with a horse-like head and bat-like wings. People have said when they enter the forest, they get the feelings of loneliness and sorrow. Others who live close have said to have heard Satanic rituals being preformed, and many poor souls have been murdered in the Pine Barren's. This place might seem like a fun thrill-seeker for some, but is it really? The Pine Barren's is definitely a place raised out of Hell. If you go there and go into the forest looking for something, you most likely will find something you may regret seeing. Practically everyone from Jersey knows the stories of the Pine Barren's, but are you ready to uncover more of this story? Sometimes when things become dead they should stay dead, and sometimes you shouldn't take a trip to Hell unless you don't plan to come back.

Go enter the Pine Barren's of New Jersey if you dare, but beware of the Jersey Devil, and all the lost souls the forest takes.

(Based on true facts and proof)