Ratings: 2 skulls
    Panic Point is located in Youngsville, North Carolina and it has many attractions for people of all ages. I went through all of the attractions and did some of the activities. Granted I did have fun going there, the overall experience of fear wasn't that great which is why I am giving this place 2 skulls.
    The main attraction at Panic Point is the Haunted Forest. It is an actual forest, and all you have to guide you is some rope and very little lighting. It's a half mile trail and it has ten freaky scenes. When I went through this, I will give credit that some of the scenes in the forest were interesting, and the people did a pretty good job with the acting. (they never broke character) The effects were okay, but when it came to the scares, it wasn't all that great. First off, before you even enter you have to sign a waver (therefore the creepy monsters cant touch you) and that takes away one major part of the scaring. Along with that, there's also just too much time to look around, and when you have too much time it takes away from the scares. For some people, the Haunted Forest can scare them if they get easily scared, but for me it didn't scare me.
    Another attraction at Panic Point is the Dark Trail. This time, there's no light and only a rope to guide you. It takes about five minutes to walk through it, but honestly it's not scary. For starters, they still can't touch you which ruins the scares. Along with that, you're on the trail with other people and nothing really happens. This attraction honestly should've stayed in the dark where it didn't have to exist.
    The Ghost Bus at Panic Point is literally a bus, but it is definitely very tight spaced. Now, I am a little bit claustrophobic, so for me I felt a little bit uncomfortable going through the tight space, but I still didn't get scared. Now, I will give credit where it is due. The bus is dark and it is hard to see, so people can get scared a lot better than in the actual forest, and even the dark trail. However, it still isn't that scary and is a lot like the next attraction.
    The Carny Crypt is exactly like the Ghost Bus, except it's not a bus and it is a little bit bigger. It also is less claustrophobic, but like the ghost bus there isn't that much excitement with it.
    Panic Point does have a hayride with a few little jump scare things, but it really isn't that scary. You can put little kids on it if you want and I doubt that they'll get scared. All it has is a few jump scares and at one part you stop in a room and strobes happen and a chainsaw guy comes after you, but that's really it. Now, if you get easily scared then you might get scared on here, and that would be a shame if you do.
    Now, if you get scared of the corn maze, then something is wrong with you because there is NOTHING in the corn maze! All you have to do is run around in it until you find the exit. If you get scared in here, something is seriously wrong with you.
    One thing I have to say I did like about Panic Point is the Zombie Shootout. Zombies come towards you and you basically shoot at them and in the end whoever kills the most zombies wins a free shirt. Now, there's no scope on the gun and it is a little bit hard to shoot with, so I wish that had better guns to use. (they aren't real guns)
    Overall the experience was good, except it wasn't that scary or suspensful to me and for those who get more easily scared then you probably will get scared here, but for me who doesn't I was not scared.
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