Only Demon
By: Queen of Horror

Death, death everywhere
Try it out if you dare
Come with me and feel the fear
In the end I'll make you slip a tear

My teeth will sink into your thighs
My finger nails will claw out your eyes
My face will be covered in your sweet precious blood
Your blood will dry on me as if it was mud

I will rip off your leg
Make you cry and beg
I will slice off your throat
Boy I hope you don't choke

I'm sure you're wondering more about me
Trust me, soon you will certainly see
I am the one that is no good
I'm the one that covers with a hood

I'm a demon that lives in Hell
Shh! You better not tell
If you do I will see through
The innocence and good inside of you
I will hunt you down while you sleep
Your soul is what I want to keep
Please, don't worry about the pain
I'm only mentally insane

Let me end your horrible life
Let me eat you up with a fork and knife
Give me power, let me feel sin
I only want to take your soul from deep within

Don't be scared, don't start to cry
I'm only gonna make you slowly die
Just come with me and you will see
The Hell that was never meant to be