On the Other Side
By: Queen of Horror
Fear of the unknown
What's on the other side?
Tell me what is there
Because I'm afraid to die

Is there really a Heaven?
Or what about a Hell?
Or is there nothing but darkness?
How can the living tell?

Does it end with just nothing?
Not a thought in my head?
Or is there something more?
What happens when I'm dead?

What if there was no God?
And Satan was also fake
All our beliefs just lies
And our thoughts a big mistake

And how do we run?
Run away from this fear
We can't because it's inevitable
There's no avoiding it my dear

So what happens next?
When you're not on this Earth anymore
Life just continues going
While you're buried beneath the floor

And what about the afterlife?
Is it really there?
Or do we tell ourselves it is
To give us less of a scare

Do we just sit in blackness forever?
Or can we see the light?
Or will we all burn in Hell?
An eternity of fright

But what's the purpose of life?
If we're all to die the same
No one can live forever
And no one will remember your name

But what scares me the most
Is how little we know
The truth about the other side
There's nothing we can show

But what about purgatory?
Wandering the Earth as a ghost
Stuck to haunt people for eternity
I think I'd like that the most

But, if there really is nothing
Do we stay in darkness forever?
What about our lovers
Will we always be together?

Death can be a good thing
Being told it'll set you free
But whether or not it's true
Secrets kept from you and me

But we can't stop the unavoidable
And at different times we'll die
But whatever is left after
I'll see you on the other side
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