Nightmare on Elm Street 6: Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare
Ratings: 3 skulls

    The final Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy has a kid. John Doe goes to a shelter, where they take in kids. He meets a girl Maggie, and they set out to Spring Wood to try and figure out John Doe and where he came from. Coming along for the ride uninvited, three kids from the shelter: Tracey, Spencer, and Carlos, are stuck in Spring Wood along with Maggie and John. When they get to spring wood, at first the place seems weird. There are no kids, only adults that have gone insane without their kids. What happened to these kids and why? Who is Freddy's child? There are many questions that need to be solved. For some, this really will be their final nightmare...
    Alright, I am giving this movie three skulls. Personally, this isn't one of my favorite Nightmare on Elm Street's, but this was a decent movie. This definitely was not the worst in the Elm Street series (second was in my opinion). Now, one thing I will say about this movie is that the story line was pretty good, except it seemed to be a little bit rushed. The first time I watched this movie it was really confusing to me, but the more and more I watched it the more and more I understood it, except some parts of this movie will just remain unanswered to me. For example, in this movie Maggie has the same power as Nancy where she can take things out of her dream, but this guy they call Doc has the exact same power. It seemed to me that once they got to this movie, a lot of people can take things out of their dreams and there isn't really a good explanation. In the third movie it made sense with everyone having dream powers along with in the fourth movie when Alice possessed all of them. Now in this movie it doesn't really make any sense how more than one person can have the same dream power because only one person is supposed to have each dream power, or else they don't balance out.
    Now, the story line was a little bit confusing, but it still was pretty good. The acting wasn't bad, nor were the effects. The effects needed in this movie were actually pretty decent, however some of them were kind of cheesy and you could clearly see that they were cheesy. Now, they still did use the same music as the original Nightmare on Elm Street which I liked. The movie did have suspense, except it wasn't as suspenseful as the other movies in this series. One thing I will say is when you watch this movie you definitely will get hooked to it because it has a pretty good story line and it definitely has some pretty decent gore. There also is a plot twist in this movie. The plot twist isn't like an ending twist, but somewhere between the middle and the end there will be a twist that you might not see coming, but it's like in the first Nightmare on Elm Street where it seemed like Tina would be the main character and then they killed her off. That is also how the plot twist is in this movie.
    Overall I have to say that this was a pretty decent movie and I think especially for those who like the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, you definitely should watch this one. It definitely wasn't my favorite movie, but it also wasn't my least favorite movie either. It might be confusing at first, but it definitely is a really interesting movie where even if it doesn't make sense to you with relating to the rest of the movies, it still has an interesting story to it. It might seem a little bit rushed, but as long as you know anything about Freddy then you should be good. Now, this movie definitely wasn't scary to me, but for some it might scare them, but to most I don't think it will. This movie is definitely one to enjoy and I say go watch it, and just never sleep again.