Skulls: 3 skulls
     He brought his mother back, so he brought himself back. Now only Alice and a few of her friends left alive, how will she be able to survive Freddy? More importantly, how can her baby possibly survive?
    Alright, this movie I am giving three skulls to it. It was a good movie, I can't deny that. This movie though wasn't as good as the other ones. (It still beats the second one though) For starters, too many characters from previous movies died and now it's like it doesn't make any sense. There seems to be a shortage on characters. I know Freddy killed a lot of people, but I think it would've been better if there were a bit more people left.
    This movie did well on effects and music as always, but this one didn't have as much gore. There was also a smaller death toll in this movie. Not saying that's a bad thing, but I'm more used to Freddy teasing people before he kills them and him killing more people where in this movie he didn't really do that. He just went right into the dreams killing two people and one kid had to go in two times before he died.
    This movie also had a pretty interesting story line. I wish maybe it was done a little bit differently, but it was a good story line. It made sense. For one I think in a Nightmare on Elm Street movie there was at least an explanation on how Freddy returned back from the dead, whereas the previous ones didn't so we could easily tell the movie company just wanted to make more money.
    One thing that I wish would've been changed in this movie is the fact that Alice's boyfriend, Dan, died first towards the beginning of the movie. I wish that he could've at least been in the movie longer since practically the whole cast of the last movie died. He almost died at the end of Nightmare on Elm Street 4, so killing him off in the beginning of Nightmare on Elm Street 5 just seemed like a waste in trying to save him in the last movie. Spoiler alert, but the only bright side to Dan dying in the beginning of the movie is that Alice was pregnant with his kid. Without that kid, there would've been no point in making this movie and it would've been completely useless.
    My favorite part of this movie was in the beginning when these little girls were jump roping and instead of saying "9, 10 never sleep again" one said, "9, 10 he's back again" and I just loved that. I don't know why I loved it, but I did.
    Overall this was a pretty good movie. Not the best out of this movie series, but it definitely beats the second one. I say after watching one, three and four go watch this movie! This one definitely wasn't a bad one.


Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child