Skulls: 4 skulls
     It's Freddy, and he's back for the attack. Somehow he's managed to come back again, only this time getting stronger. He's coming for the last of the elm street children. Will they be able to make it? Or will they simply never sleep again?
    Alright I'm giving this movie four skulls. It was pretty good. Being completely honest this is my third favorite Nightmare on Elm Street, but that's not why I gave it such a good rating. I first want to talk about the story line. Of course as always, it makes no sense how Freddy came back from the dead, but we just have to get over it. Other than that, the story line was pretty good in having the last of the Elm Street children out of the mental hospital and now back in the real world trying to forget about Freddy. Of course, we all know Freddy comes back but this was definitely an interesting movie. Spoiler alert yes the last of the Elm Street children die, but before Kristen died, she passed on her dream power to a girl named Alice. Now Alice is able to bring people into her dreams which causes many problems for her because Freddy now goes into her dreams to kill other kids. And in this movie one person is the dream master where they possess all the dream powers. I thought this was a pretty clever idea on how when these kids all died the powers moved onto someone else.
    There was definitely suspense in this movie and the effects that had to be done for this movie were pretty good. No complaints on how the effects were done. I must say they did add a lot of new characters in that just died, but they were all pretty good. Now, while I'm talking about the actors I must say there was definitely a role change that isn't hard to miss. In the beginning of the movie, Kristen is standing in front of Nancy's house. Well, if I just started watching this movie I wouldn't have known who Kristen was. Patricia Arquette originally played Kristen in Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and she was AMAZING! It was told however, she was working on another project and couldn't do Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master, so they got Tuesday Knight to play her role. She is a horrible actress and sucked at playing the role of Kristen. I honestly was happy when she died because I hated how she acted; she was nothing good compared to Patricia Arquette. However, Tuesday Knight is an okay singer because the song playing in the beginning of the movie was her singing and it wasn't that bad. Her acting was just terrible thank god they killed her off.
    As always the gore in this movie didn't disappoint me and as usual love the music they play in the background for this movie. The beginning was definitely good because they had a little girl in front of Nancy's house drawing the house and Freddy in it, so that shows you how he's come back along with the fact that there's a creepy little girl that was from the third movie. I enjoy how they did the beginning. In my person opinion I think this was a different beginning in the sense that Freddy wasn't actually in it like in all the other movies they start with Freddy in a nightmare. This one he wasn't in the nightmare, but still creating one which I thought was cool.
    Overall I really enjoyed this movie. You have to go and see it. Classic horror is always the best. Now for those of you who are easily scared, you may have a good chance in getting scared and you may just never sleep again. I say you need to watch it whether you're easily scared or not because this movie didn't scare me, but I definitely think this is a must see! Now then, lock your door and grab your crusafix and whatever you do, don't fall asleep.

Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master