Ratings: 4 skulls
    He's back again. He's finally coming after the last of the elm street children. Only this time, they're all together in the insane asylum which makes it very convenient for Freddy and his vengeance in making sure they all never wake up. Now all together as one with their dream powers, who will survive and who will never sleep again?
    This is my personal favorite out of all the movies. I had to give this one four skulls. This is honestly the first horror film I ever watched. It was full of suspense and this movie definitely is my favorite horror film of all time. This movie had very well-known actors and actresses in it and it had a good story line. I liked how it took place in a mental hospital and all the kids in it all had dreams with Freddy before.
    I loved these characters and I loved how they all died. I didn't want all of them to die, but when most of them died I liked how they died because Freddy made it funny. The only death I didn't like that made me sad was when Nancy died. That honestly made me almost cry the first time watching this movie. Nancy's death also came with a twist which I do have to admit I did enjoy about the movie.
    I jumped one or two times watching this movie which is good because I like movies that cause me to jump. I also enjoyed the music. This is one of the horror films where I enjoy the background music. It gives the scenes with it a more haunting and mysterious feel to them.  I've never really said this about any other movie before but I enjoyed the song at the end of the movie. The song at the end of the movie was called "Dream Warriors" by Dokken and I found it to be a really good song.
    If I had to say there was something I didn't like about the movie then it would be how it ended. Of course there's other movies after this one, so Freddy somehow lived. I don't like these confusing ways in how these people come back and they die in such stupid ways! I personally don't like that because I think there should be realistic reasons in how these people come back.
    Now one other thing I liked about the movie was the effects. The movie definitely did have some pretty decent effects. Like how Freddy has the souls of children he's murdered inside of him and their heads are on his stomach and they scream but not terrified. I also really like the use of blood in this movie. I think the use of blood was done very well and very realistic unlike the first movie when Glenn died.
    Overall this is a very good must see movie and one of my favorites out of the Nightmare on Elm Street series.

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors