Myths of the ouija board
The Ouija Board is a very mysterious object with many different connotations to it. While many people have different beliefs to what the Ouija Board can do, I as Queen of Horror, am going to tell you the myths of the Ouija Board and the true facts behind it. What you may have believed before may not be real at all...
Myth #1: The Ouija Board can be used to talk to demons.
    Actually, this is false. While Ouija Boards can talk to evil spirits, it is actually close to impossible to talk to demons on the Ouija Board. While it may seem like evil spirits and demons are the same thing, they are actually very different. Looking at the more religious side of things, demons are very negative entities from Hell, and that is where they will remain to reside. Evil spirits are negative entities that reside on Earth. On top of that, demons are a lot more powerful than evil spirits. Also, when you use a Ouija Board you are using it to talk to the dead. Demons have never had life, and they have never died, so therefore you can't talk to them. Not to mention there is Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell. Purgatory is on Earth for the spirits who have not been decided on where to go. On top of that, the gates of Hell and the gates of Heaven are closed off. You are a human being using a Ouija Board on Earth, therefore you can only talk to the spirits on Earth. If this is not making sense so far, let me go further.
    If we could use a Ouija Board to talk to demons, we could also use a Ouija Board to talk to angels. The evil spirits who are communicating through the Ouija Board want release because they are trapped on Earth. Demons are not trapped in Hell for they chose to be there. Unless you are using the Ouija Board somehow in a satanic ritual to summon demons, then just using it like you're supposed to use it is not going to have you summon demons.

Myth #2: The Ouija Board can possess people.

    While this one might seem realistic, this is false. As we went over in the previous myth, the Ouija Board cannot summon demons. This being the case, you cannot get possessed. While evil spirits can attach themselves to an individual if the Ouija Board is used wrong, an evil spirit cannot possess a person. They do not have enough strength to possess a person. The only thing that can truly possess a person is a demon, which again, cannot be summoned by the Ouija Board under normal circumstances.

Myth #3: The Ouija Board does not work and it is just the Ideomotor Effect.

    I am not going to lie and say this is never the case, but majority of the time this is not the case. For some people using the Ouija Board it can be the Ideomotor effect, but for majority of the other people using the Ouija Board this is not the case. For starters, if you do not believe that the Ouija Board will work then don't expect it to work. On top of that, for those who use the Ouija Board and have paranormal experiences afterwards, that right there is proof that it works. If you don't believe me look up videos of people using the Ouija Board and personal stories of people that have used the Ouija Board.

Myth #4: If you use the Ouija Board, you are satanic.

    This is definitely false for a multitude of reasons. While the Ouija Board may seem like a satanic object because it involves summoning spirits, it's actually not a satanic object or even a symbol in the satanic religion. There are a lot of people in this world that use Ouija Boards whether it be for predicting the future, trying to communicate with a lost loved one, or even just for a thrill-seeker. Just because an individual or group of individuals use a Ouija Board does not automatically make them satanic.

Myth #5: It is dangerous using the Ouija Board.

    Yes, but it's only dangerous if you have no clue what you're doing. If you study up on the Ouija Board and follow the rules and tips when using the Ouija Board, it's not dangerous and can be quite an enjoyable experience.

Myth #6: You are opening the gates of Hell by using the Ouija Board.

    Hey, last time I checked you are not supposed to judge others. But in all seriousness, unless you are using it for the wrong reasons such as summoning evil spirits and you are not doing it to go against God then it isn't opening up the gates of Hell. However, what you do in your life is up to you and I am not here to judge you.

These are some of the main myths that are on the Ouija Board, but hopefully this has clarified some of them for you. Just remember when using the board be safe and always say goodbye.

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