Monster of the Night
By: Queen of Horror

Sleep well my darling
Close your eyes
For I love you so much
But what terrifies

Something is out there
Waiting for you
He wants your soul
Your body too

He is a monster
Very red
Covered in blood
Foot to head

He likes children
Takes them at night
They're never seen again
Taken out of sight

This monster is hungry
He wants your warm skin
He isn't innocent
Has many bad sins

He will chop you up
Piece by piece
He will then start to laugh
Frying you in grease

He will then eat the pieces
But wait there's more
He'll take all your blood
Spill it to the floor

Don't be scared my darling
He only takes kids who are bad
You better be good
And not make him mad

And if you die my darling
I will be perfectly okay
For I can have another kid
But the next one will stay

Now go to sleep my darling
Hold your blankets tight
For you've been a bad boy
And he may take you tonight