Midnight Murderer
By: Queen of Horror

He took her life
Stabbed her with a knife
He hid the body where it can't be found
Left the terrible scene without a sound

He thought she was dead, but she came back
And she came back with nothing to lack
She comes to children in the middle of the night
Eats out their hearts and leaves the site

You may be asking yourself, but why
Never been loved so this is why
Lock your doors while you sleep
Your soul is what she wants to keep

Shut your windows, shut them tight
If she gets in you'll have a fright
She'll stab you hard an drink your blood
She'll smear it around like dirty mud

She'll claw out your eyes
Eat out your thighs
Tear out your heart
Shred you apart

Under the moonlight, your screams are silent
Watch out for her so she doesn't get violent
She wants revenge an others to die
Wants to feel equality deep down inside

She'll go after anyone, no one matters
She didn't so no one else should matter
You've been warned so watch out
For the midnight murderer…..