Jeepers Creepers

Ratings: 3 skulls

    He needs to feed. Every person he kills, becomes a part of him. Not everyone he kills, but something about each persons fear tells him who he wants and what he wants from them. You better watch out for him, along with that song. That song means something bad is going to happen and that song is "Jeepers Creepers".

    Alright, I am giving this movie three skulls. It definitely was a good movie and I definitely enjoyed watching it. There's a brother and a sister, both on a road trip to their parents homes. Along the way, a weird van begins to follow them and begins driving very fast, so they let it pass them. However, driving by a church, the siblings stop deciding what to do when the exact same van appears and begins to chase them again, this time hitting the car and causing it to go into a ditch. Well, to the siblings it looked like the person in the van was dropping a body somewhere. The siblings decide to go back to the church to investigate when the brother comes across a crypt full of hundreds, and even thousands of dead bodies. Terrified, both of them leave driving away in a panic when they come to a restaurant where they receive a phone call from a mysterious stranger warning them about this creature with a crypt. Now for these two siblings, they have to survive the night, and try to stay away from this terrifying creature who likes to feed on his victims.

The story line of the movie was pretty good and it made sense. Along with that, the movie definitely had some good suspense where you will get into the movie. I got hooked into the movie and didn't want to stop watching it. I think my favorite part of the movie would have to be when the brother goes into the crypt with all the dead bodies and there's this cart with a blanket over it. Well, the brother takes the blanket off of the cart and there's a living body on top of a bunch of dead bodies. The person could barely speak and on his stomach there were stitches from his organs getting removed by the thing. That definitely will give you a jump scare and it definitely was very fascinating to me. I also liked this one part in the movie where the cops are following the siblings to the crypt when this creepy song comes onto the radio and then in the car behind the siblings car the thing is on top of the cop car and he kills them and then starts eating the head of one of the cops. I just like the gore in movies, usually those are my favorite parts.

The music was interesting in this movie along with the effects. The movie to me didn't have a whole lot of gore, but the parts that were I enjoyed and I LOVED the crypt with all the dead bodies in it! I also thought that the makeup and costume done for the killer was pretty good to. I definitely liked this movie and would definitely watch it again.

Overall I would recommend this movie because this is a really good movie, it just didn't scare me. I would watch this one first. If you get easily scared this movie may scare you, but if not, just enjoy the movie for being a movie. Now go watch it so you can know the story of Jeepers Creepers before he gets you!