Jeepers Creepers 2
Ratings: 3 skulls

    He comes every 23 years. When he does, he must feed. He can sense your fear, and he feeds off of your fear. A group of teenagers are coming back from a championship game. Unfortunately for them, it's 23 years for him to come back. He needs to feed, and some of the teenagers on the bus are exactly what he needs. Stopping the bus and killing all of the adults on the bus, the group of teenagers become defenseless, and some are just about to become his next meal. Who will survive, and who will die?
    Alright, I am giving this movie three skulls, just like I did to the first movie. For a sequel, this one was pretty good. It made sense how this creature was back to kill people. The story line also made sense like in the first one. I will say how this creature looks in this movie I personally like how he looks in this movie better than I did in the first movie. One thing different about how this creature acts in this movie compared to the first one is that in this one he seems to be a little bit more goofy and silly (in a good way). One thing I also like with this movie is there's this girl on the bus and she sees victims that died from the creature, along with actually figuring out what this creature is about which is helpful for these other kids because no one understands any of this. Another part of the movie that I like is when the creature actually starts killing people and when everyone is getting scared and running around. I found it funny, but I also felt kind of bad for some people.
    This movie definitely was suspenseful and you will get hooked into this movie when you start watching it. I definitely got hooked to the movie when I started watching it. My favorite part of this movie is towards the end when this guy is trying to use a harpoon to get the creature to at least not move because it can never die. Anyways, when he is trying to harpoon it, there are a few kids on the bus and it tips over and it was just cool. Now, this movie also has some decent gore. One of the kids that the creature kills, well, let's just say it was off with his head. One thing I will admit is the creature is definitely strange, but it still is a good movie.
    The acting was actually decent, along with the effects, and I definitely liked this movie. For some it may scare them, but for me I wasn't scared by this movie. I really enjoyed it though and would watch it again and again. I would say about this movie, if you haven't seen the first one I think you can get away with just watching this movie, or watching it before the first one, except there is a kid in this movie from the first one that died, so if you don't watch the first one you won't know who he is, but other than that you can figure the movie out and how it works.
    Overall I say this is a pretty good movie along with the first one and you should definitely watch it. You can definitely get hooked into the movie and it really isn't a bad movie. This movie is really enjoyable and it made sense and it might scare some, but even if you don't get scared by it, this really is an enjoyable movie. Now go watch it and don't let him sense your fear.