jack the ripper
    Jack the Ripper is probably one of the most notorious murderers in England, yet no one knows his true identity. If one types into Google "Jack the Ripper" there is not a lot that can be found out about him. Most things are rather repetitive, and don't give much of a lead on possible suspects. However, as Queen of Horror, I am here to not only give you the background on Jack the Ripper, but also a potential suspect for who he may be.
    For starters, Jack the Ripper was at large for only twelve weeks in the year 1888. He caused massive terror in the East End of London, England. Jack the Ripper was also known as the "Whitechapel Murderer" and he had a total of five victims, all of them being women. Now, you're probably asking yourself how one person could cause that much terror if he only had five victims. You're probably also wondering how if he was so large why no one found out who he was. I will answer both of these questions. First, Jack the Ripper caused so much terror in London (even though he had only five victims) because there wasn't a whole lot of murderers in London at the time and his murders were very gory. Many of the victims had their insides ripped out and other things that would require surgical knowledge. The reason why the police didn't work as hard to find out who Jack the Ripper was is because Jack the Ripper only killed prostitutes, and since prostitutes were greatly looked down upon during this time period, police brushed the murders off.
    Jack the Ripper had five known victims. His first victim was Long Liz Stride, and she was discovered with a slit throat. The same day that Stride was murdered, Jack the Ripper murdered forty-year-old prostitute Catherine Eddowes. She was discovered with her entrails having been pulled out through a large gash which ran from her breastbone to her abdomen, as well as part of one of her kidneys being removed and her ears being cut off. Jack the Rippers final victim is also his worst murder. The final victim was twenty-five-year-old Mary Jane Kelly. When her body was discovered, there was blood and pieces of flesh all over the floor where she couldn't be recognized. After the murder of Mary Jane Kelly, there was no more murders afterwards. However, a few weeks later a dead body was found floating in a river, and the dead body is believed to be a possible suspect of Jack the Ripper.
    No one will most likely ever know the true identity of Jack the Ripper. There have been a few suspects of who could be Jack the Ripper, but the suspects will most likely never be confirmed. The suspect that I personally believe to be Jack the Ripper is Montagu John Druitt. Druitt was born August 15, 1857 in Wimborne Minster, Dorset, England. Druitt has a known family history of insanity, which is one piece of evidence to show he could be Jack the Ripper. Druitt came from an upper-middle class family and his father was a local surgeon. Police said that the murderer had to be a surgeon or the son of a surgeon (another piece of evidence). Druitt also committed suicide a couple of weeks after the death of Mary Jane Kelly, and with her murder police had a little more to go off of including appearance. Whether or not he truly was Jack the Ripper is still unknown, but it is a possible theory.
    Jack the Ripper is a mysterious murderer, but that's what makes him so famous.

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