House of 1000 Corpses (2003)
Ratings: 4 skulls

    One of my favorite horror films of all time! I am definitely giving this movie four skulls! This movie is definitely one of my favorite Rob Zombie movies! The first thing that I want to say about this movie is it is very gory! If you have a squeamish stomach I would not recommend watching this movie! Now, this movie definitely did not scare me, but if it did I would have definitely given this movie five skulls.
    The first thing I want to talk about is they story line of this movie. This movie definitely had a very weird story line. In the beginning of the movie there's four young adults and they're on a road trip. Well they're almost out of gas and stop at a gas station called "Captain Spaulding's" and this gas station has gasoline and fried chicken. When they get to this gas station, the group goes inside to the convenient store where there's a lot of strange things you wouldn't see at a regular gas station. Well, this gas station has a murder ride and the group goes on it and one of the group members is intrigued by the story of Dr. Satan told on the murder ride. Curiosity getting the best of him, he asks Captain Spaulding for a map of where to find out more about Dr. Satan and they group tries to follow the map when there's a girl on the side of the road. It begins to rain and she needs a ride home so they decide to give her a lift. Unfortunately, not long after they get a flat tire and one of the guys in the group walks the girl home while the other three wait in the car for a tow truck. When the tow truck comes the other three group members go back to the girls house. However, while things may seem normal at first, nothing is close to normal.
    Now, the first thing I want to say about this movie is it is a Rob Zombie movie, so there is some vulgar language and some nudity as well. If you are completely against either one of those things and are an adult, then I would not recommend this movie for you. Another thing I want to point out about this movie is that it is VERY gory. Rob Zombie tends to make his movies really gory, which to me is awesome because I love gory horror films. One gory scene in this movie that I found to be interesting and weird at the same time is when the entire group gets stuck in the house, one of the group members gets brutally murdered and the serial killers cut his body in half and they take the top half of his body and turn him into fish boy. I thought this was really fascinating in how they did it, but I also thought it was just a little too weird.
    Another thing I want to point out in this movie is that this movie had really good music. I don't point out the music a whole lot in movies, but I really enjoyed the music in this movie. Rob Zombie wrote and created most, if not all of the songs in this movie. Rob Zombie is in a metal band so this isn't something new for him to do. Now, if you're not a huge fan of metal you may not particularly find the music to your liking, however, I am a huge fan of metal music and Rob Zombie, so the music was really good to me and if there's a soundtrack, I will definitely buy it.
    Overall this is definitely one of my favorite Rob Zombie movies and I really think if you love gore you should watch it! I definitely would not recommend this movie to squeamish people, but other than that I would recommend this movie to watch! 
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