Ratings: 1 skull

    Elissa and her newly divorced mother Sarah have just moved to the suburbs for a fresh start. It turns out, however, years earlier a girl murdered both of her parents in the house next door. This quickly shatters all of their hopes. Her older brother Ryan still lives in the house. When he befriends Elissa, his past could just turn into her worst nightmare.
    Alright I just had to give this movie 1 skull. It really wasn't scary at all.  I kept laughing throughout the whole movie and it just seemed a little bit too predictable for me. Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad movie. The story line made sense, but it's definitely confusing. Throughout the whole movie I never quite understood the story behind the girl murdering her parents. It just didn't make sense and I like horror films where you either can understand the story line or it's one of those story lines where it's confusing in the beginning, but once you get to the end there's a twist and then everything makes sense.
    Now Jennifer Lawrence is in this movie and I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence. I think she's an incredible actress and I'm not only in love with horror films. I love the Hunger Games as well and she did excellent in the movies that have come out and I know she'll be fantastic in the ones soon to come. I think in this movie she did excellent acting. I didn't see her as Katniss when I was watching it. I saw her as the girl Elissa in the movie. The whole time I was watching the movie Katniss never struck my mind except for when I first saw her in the beginning I knew it was her. Other than that her acting was excellent.
    One thing I actually liked about this movie was how smart Elissa was. In most horror films people for some reason lose all of their common sense. They're complete idiots and when they die they completely deserve what they got. What Elissa did in this movie was she used common sense. She was smart about it. She was running and hiding from a guy trying to kill her and she was smart. In one part of the movie she was locked inside of a trunk. Instead of waiting for the guy to come back and kill her, she used common sense and kicked the seat out of the way and got out. I honestly like horror films where people have common sense.
    Now one thing I didn't like about this movie was how I didn't really jump. It really didn't scare me. I kept laughing instead. The movie also for a good amount of the movie didn't have any suspense or scary stuff. I know not all horror films need to be scaring you every single second you watch it, but this one had stuff happening that didn't fully have to do with the story line. Like Elissa's mom didn't want her hanging out with Ryan but she was secretly doing it and very few parts in this process had to do with the girl who murdered his parents.
    I also didn't really like how it didn't seem like a horror film until the end. After watching it the first time I really don't want to watch it again. It doesn't seem like a full on horror film.
    Overall the movie wasn't horrible, but you may want to bury it.

House at the End of the Street