Horror Character Quiz
Which horror character are you? Do you haunt those in their dreams like Freddy Krueger? Perhaps you prefer killing late at night by the lake like Jason Voorhees. Or maybe you like to kill on Halloween like Michael Myers? Even better, you change your form to kill so your less suspected like Chucky. Either way, which ever killer you are, always remember there is one thing all killers have in common: killing.
Question #1: What is your favorite food?

    A. Pizza
    B. Fish
    C. Candy
    D. other
Question #2: What is your favorite color?
    A. Green
    B. Blue
    C. Red
    D. Orange
Question #3: What is your favorite sport?

    A. Weight lifting
    B. Swimming
    C. Running
    D. I'm not capable of sports; too lazy
Question #4: What kind of person are you?

    A. Funny
    B. Quiet
    C. Intimidating
    D. Smart
Question #5: What's your favorite accessory to wear?

    A. Hats
    B. Gloves
    C. Scarves
    D. Jewelry
Question #6: What is your favorite weapon?
    A. Not much for weapons, I like to think outside the box
    B. Give me a sword!
    C. A knife!
    D. I like to mix it up a bit
Question #7: What would you do for a vacation?

    A. Go to the beach
    B. Go camping
    C. Go visit family
    D. Travel around and do sight seeing
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