His Reflection
By: Queen of Horror
    There once was a woman and she went by the name of Amy. She had long black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and she was close to being six feet tall. Amy lived a very normal life, she had but a few friends, and she had a decent paying job. However, life outside her home seemed normal, but inside of it was a living Hell.
    Amy had a husband; he went by the name of John. He was an alcoholic and he was very abusive towards Amy. Every single night he would tie her down to their bed, and he would take a whip and beat her. Amy would always scream for help, but no one ever heard her. If anyone did, they continued on with their business as if she wasn't screaming. She never told anyone about John abusing her, and because of this it led to what I'm about to tell you.
    One day Amy was coming home from work. She was driving home, but unfortunately didn't leave early enough and she got stuck in traffic. When she did get home, her husband was drunk, but even more than usual.
    Right when Amy walked through the front door, John got up off the couch, rushed over to her, and hit her across the face. Instantly Amy fell to the ground.
    "Where the Hell have you been!?" John screamed at her. Tears began streaming down Amy's face and she couldn't respond. John hit her again. Then, he dragged her into their bedroom and tied her to the bed.
    He left the room and came back a few minutes later with two items in his hand: a knife and a mirror. John took the mirror and positioned it in front of the bed. After that, he got on top of Amy and positioned the knife in front of her face. Amy looked John in the eyes and all she saw was anger and the desire to hurt her. Amy screamed for help, but John took the knife and stabbed her in the stomach.
    Amy began to cough up blood, and she spit some onto John's face. He wiped it off and threw it onto her in anger, splattering her clothes and face with spots of blood. Then, John licked the blood off the knife and held it close to her face.
    "Look at yourself!" John screamed. He pointed to the mirror and looked at it. However, Amy's eyes weren't looking at the mirror; they were looking into the knife. Amy whispered something under her breath, but it caught John's attention. More anger came across his face, and with that he took the knife and stabbed it into her neck. Amy coughed up more blood, spitting it onto John's face again. After that, the blood was pouring out of her neck, but at that point her body went limp and she became lifeless.
    After John killed Amy, he took her body and cut it up into a bunch of little pieces and ate her. Once he ate her, he took her remains and buried them in the back yard. After that, he went to bed and acted as if nothing happened.
    A week later everyone forgot about Amy, there wasn't even a funeral for her. John continued on with his drinking, and as the week went on he drank more and more.
    It was a little over a week later and John was drinking from 9 o' clock a.m. to 9 o'clock p.m. He drank every last ounce of alcohol in the house. Once nine o'clock hit, John decided to go to bed. He didn't even bother changing his clothes; he just plopped himself down onto the bed.
    John was lying on the bed and he began laughing for some unknown reason, and then he looked up and saw the mirror still in the room. It was still stained with some blood on it. John was thinking to himself about how tomorrow he would clean the blood off of the mirror and just smash it to pieces while thinking of other random things. With those thoughts in his mind, he fell asleep.
    A few hours later, John heard a smashing noise and jolted up from his sleep. He looked straight ahead of him to see that the mirror was missing. Fear instantly ran through his body. Slowly, John got out of bed and walked over to the foot of his bed. In front of him was the mirror smashed to pieces.
    John's eyes began scanning the floor, looking for what broke the mirror. His eyes finally stopped on an object that was within the mirror pieces; a knife. This wasn't just any knife, but the knife John used to kill Amy.
    Cautiously, John stepped between the shattered mirror pieces and picked up the knife. He looked at the handle of the knife to see some blood was still on it. He then looked at the blade to see blood was on that as well. After that, John flipped the knife over to see the other side of the blade when he saw a pair of blue eyes staring at him in the reflection of the knife.
    John felt a tap on his shoulder when he turned around to see Amy standing right behind him. She had on black lipstick, black eye liner, and a white dress stained with blood on her stomach area. Along with that, her neck was still cut open and blood was oozing out of it. By this sight in front of John, he was too petrified to move.
    Amy slapped him hard across the face and made him fall to the ground. Then, she got on top of him and held the knife right in front of his eyes.
    "What you see in your eyes, is how I felt since the moment I married you." John looked into the knife to see his eyes that were once green, now turning grey with little hands inside of his eyes. In his mind, he heard screams for help.
    The little hands inside of his eyes began to claw, scratching their way out. Blood began to pour down John's face, and he began to scream in pain. Amy then took the knife, and she stabbed it right into John's heart. Right at the moment she did that, his eyes popped out of their sockets and he lied on the ground lifeless with blood slowly pouring out of his mouth and bloody tears falling down his face.
    Now, legend has it that if walk by the house at night, you can still hear Amy screaming for help. When this happens, it is best to just walk by. If you walk into the house, you'll be trapped in it until you go into the bedroom. The bedroom is the test to live or die.
    If you see the mirror in the bedroom in one full piece, you're being given the chance to live but you must exit the house within twenty seconds or John will get you, drag you into the bedroom, tie you down to the bed, and beat you to death. If you walk into the bedroom and the mirror is broken, that means she'll come for you and your eyes will be clawed out and you'll be stabbed in the heart.
    Ask me how I know this all, but this is all I can say. I've been beaten since the day I was married and I died with the mirror in one piece.

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