October is the month of fear. Either your the feared, or you have a lot of fear. For the feared, this month is a lot of fun. For the ones with the fear, this month can just be a living nightmare that lasts for 31 days.
    I'm going to tell you a story about what happened on a Halloween night a long time ago. It was on a full moon night, the stars shining their brightest, and the air was perfect, a nice cool breeze. There was a little boy, about the age of eight years old. His name was Tom. Tom had brown hair, green eyes, and his skin was a rather fair color. He always loved Halloween, every year he would dress up as something scary because he enjoyed scaring people. He also got a little bit of extra candy for such creativity in his costumes. Now, this Halloween he decided to dress as something many people fear, (I still don't understand why people fear this) but he dressed as a clown. He didn't just put on a clown costume, however, but he added more to his costume to really give off the fear. He had a red nose like all clowns do, and he spray dyed his hair red, and his clown costume was even red and yellow. However, his face looked nothing like a clown. He put on fangs, along with blood that looked as if it was oozing from his mouth. His face was pure white, but tears of blood ran down from his cheeks. All around his eyes he had black, but the one thing that made him look even scarier, was the contacts that made his eyes look red. He truly was a terrifying clown.
    As he went trick-or-treating, many people ran away from him, or did their best to look unafraid. He was truly terrifying, as many people couldn't even recognize Tom. He went from house to house, using an evil voice to say trick-or-treat, and then he would receive his candy. Tom was having a lot of fun with this, getting a lot of candy and placing fear into so many people. However, as much fun as Tom was having running around on his own, he never realized that this Halloween that's his best would be his last.
    The moon was shining bright, and Tom kept running from house to house, collecting candy. He didn't realize that around ten o' clock, he was two neighborhoods away from his own. He realized that he had to get back home, for he didn't want to be punished for causing his parents so much worry.
    Just as Tom turned around to walk home, he heard a noise coming from some woods to his right. He looked, and right in front of him he saw a woman. She had black hair, pale skin, and very dark brown eyes. Her lips had on red lipstick, and she wore a long sleeve black dress that went all the way down to her feet. She gave Tom a smile, exposing her pearly white teeth. Tom was intrigued by her, not realizing the horrors about to come.
    "Hello little boy." The woman said in a kind voice. "Why are you out so late on Halloween night?"
    "I was just returning home." Tom said. "I was just getting candy."
    "Oh yes." The woman said. "I remember when I was your age how I loved to get candy. I always came home late, but I always had enough candy to last me the whole year."
    "Wow that's a lot of candy!" Tom said.
    "Yes indeed." She looked around. "I have a lot of candy back at my house. Of course, I could never eat it all, it's too much sugar for me. Would you like to come with me to my house? I can give you as much candy as you please."
    "That would be great! But I really better be going home! I don't want to keep my parents waiting."
    "Oh come on! My house isn't but a two minute walk from here! It won't take long at all!" Tom began to think, wondering if this was a good idea or not. He didn't want to keep worrying his parents, but if her house wasn't that far, then maybe he could go.
    "Alright." Tom said. "I'll go with you."
    "Excellent!" Tom ran over to the woman and she grabbed his hand and they began their walk into the woods.
    At first, Tom was excited to go to the woman's house. But then he realized that the woman's house wasn't close like she said it was. They had been walking for a half an hour when they finally got to a small house in the center of the woods.
    "This is it." The woman said, pointing to the house.
    "Wow." Tom said. "You sure do live deep in the woods."
    "Yes I do. People are mean to me a lot, so I live here away from everyone."
    "Oh, well that isn't nice."
    "No it isn't. Now what's your name young boy?"
    "My name is Tom."
    "Well Tom, are you ready to get that candy?"
    "YES!" Tom shouted excitedly. The woman smiled at him and she brought him into her house. However, before Tom walked in he looked up at the full moon, not even realizing this is the last time he would be seeing it.
    Inside the house, there were pentagrams, upside down crosses, and the number 666 written all over the walls in black. In the center of the floor was a giant pentagram. Candles were lit everywhere. Tom thought it looked a little bit creepy, but he thought it was just decoration for Halloween. He didn't even realize that the set up was made for satanic rituals.
    The woman led Tom into the kitchen. It was dimly lit, but it looked nothing like the living room, it wasn't scary at all.
    "Would you like something to drink Tom?" The woman asked him. Tom nodded his head, and the woman grabbed a glass and put water in it. Tom didn't even realize what she had slipped into his drink, but drank it as if it was nothing. Then, after a few short minutes everything began to get blurry and Tom blacked out.
    When Tom woke up, he was back in the living room, but not the way you're thinking. His arms and legs were tied to posts, and his body was hanging right above the pentagram. He was surrounded by people, all dressed in black. He looked around and then he saw the woman who brought him here, evil now filled her eyes.
    "Let the ritual begin." The woman said. Right after she said it, Tom's Halloween costume was ripped off of him so now he was only in his underwear. Then, his costume was thrown into the fire place. The woman then brought out a whip, and with force, she whipped his stomach.
    The whip was passed around in a circle, each person whipping Tom once and everyone reciting some sort of chant that wasn't in English. Tom screamed in pain, but that didn't stop them from whipping him. After what felt like endless pain, it suddenly stopped. Everyone walked away from the circle. Tom barely conscious looked around the room to see a clock. The time was 11:58 pm. Everyone returned, each person a stake in hand. Once the time hit 11:59, the woman began to say a chant.
    "prorsus ad medium noctem: quod si mactaverimus ea Marcus puer ad dominum Satanas , qui colunt colimus animas . Volumus , pro hac felicitate pueri iuvenili sanguine. Nos hic per sacrificium . Ave satanas , et omnis ecclesia heil Satanici!"
    After the woman saying these words, the clock stuck at exactly midnight, and the woman took her stake and stabbed it directly into Tom's heart. He let out a hurling scream, and then twelve more stakes were pierced into his body. Once the last stake went into his body, he died. His body was never found and is still searched for to this day.
    Now you know Tom's story, and about his terrifying Halloween. We still search for his body, but many believe either the satanists ate what was left of him, or they simply burned all that remained. We'll never know the truth, just the story. This is where you decide what you think happened after his death.
    October is the time of year for fear, but it's also the time of year when Satan is his strongest. All I say is be careful, and have a happy Halloween.

His Final Halloween