Gimghoul Castle
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
    Usually when we hear castle, we sometimes think of fairy tales where the princess and the prince live happily ever after. However, sometimes we can think of castles like Dracula, where it's full of evil or the undead, or it's haunted at the least. The story that I am about to tell you is a true story, and it is about a castle. However, before we can even talk about the castle, we must first find out what happened before the castle even came around.
    It was the year of 1830, and it took place in Chapel Hill, North Carolina at the University of North Carolina (UNC). There was a man who attended the school, a man by the name of Peter Droomgoole. He was the way that most guys are, into drinking, gambling, and definitely womanizing. However, soon after beginning to attend UNC, he met a women by the name of Fanny. Instantly, he fell in love with her, and decided to give up his ways, and wanted to actually be with Fanny for the rest of his life. Every evening they would meet up on some rocks in an area called Piney Prospect and they would talk for hours on end. Their relationship began to grow, and soon they began to talk about other things like a their goals and dreams, and even a future together. However, no love story is ever perfect, so yes this one does have a love triangle.
    Another student began to fall in love with Fanny, and Peter began to get very prideful. Due to Peter getting prideful, even though it had been outlawed he challenged the other man to a duel. The other man accepted, and they met at Piney Prospect. Both men stood back to back, and then they took ten paces forward. Unfortunately, Fanny found out from a friend about the duel and she got their right at the moment when Peter fell to the ground. Fanny ran to him, and he died in her arms. Ever since then, Fanny would always mourn over the death of Peter, thinking about the future they would never have together, their hopes and dreams that would never come true, and all the memories that she would hold onto until the day she died. And she did a few years later. Before she died, however, she left UNC but would return often to Piney Prospect where they spent most of their time together. When she did die, it was a few short years after Peter died, and many say of a broken heart.
    Now, time for the part of the story that still lasts today. To this day, some say Peter is still at Piney Prospect waiting for Fanny to return to him. It is also told that Fanny can be seen sitting on the rocks, waiting for her lover to return to her. Some have even said that the rocks seem to have a reddish-brown on them during rainstorms as if they were actually bleeding. There is another reason that this story is still around today In 1926, Gimghouls castle was built on the site. Now, the castle is said to be haunted by a dark-hooded figure that looms through the window, looking at the spot where the duel took place. Could this be Peter? Or maybe his killer? No one will know, and now the castle has a "No Trespassing" sign on it. We may never find out who it is, but even without the haunting ghost story we will always remember the day and the tragedy that occurred...