Freddy vs. Jason (2003)
Ratings: 4 skulls
    It's the fight we've all been waiting for; the fight where two very well-known serial killers come face-to-face for the final show down. However, when these killers are in two different realms, where will the battle take place? More importantly, who will come out victorious? Freddy or Jason?
    Okay, without a doubt I am definitely giving this movie four skulls. This is definitely one of my favorite horror movies and I absolutely love it. Starting off with the story line of the movie, Freddy comes back from the dead, however he needs more power in order to kill. For those of you who don't know how Freddy works, he gets strength by people knowing who he is and the fear that people get from him build him up to be powerful. At this time it is years after Nancy used to live in her house and he's been long forgotten. Now, Freddy raises Jason from the dead to start killing for him so that way people will assume it is Freddy and he can go on killing again. However, over time Jason begins having too much fun with killing, and begins swiping some of Freddy's kills. This angers Freddy, and the two of them have two different showdowns: the first being in Freddy's world, and the second being in Jason's world (or the real world). Now, as for who wins I will get into that later.
    This movie definitely has a very good amount of suspense. There are a lot of scenes where I was literally on the edge of my seat waiting for what would happen next. I also want to point out that there was a lot of gore in this movie too. Now, I am a huge gore lover so this movie having a good amount of it made the movie even more entertaining for me. Granted the gore wasn't Saw movie gore, but there was still a decent amount of gore in the movie.
    Now I am not one to spoil big things in movies, but for this paragraph I'm about to spoil who wins the battle (if you do not want this spoiled please skip over this paragraph). For starters, I am a huge Freddy fan by far, so when I was watching this movie the entire time I was rooting for Freddy. Now, the first battle was a mini battle (or that's what I'm going to call it) and it took place in the dream world (yes, Jason fell asleep). Freddy was beating Jason up pretty bad, however, Jason can't die. This was definitely a struggle so for the final battle it would seem to be impossible that someone could win. Well, when the final battle actually happened Freddy was beating Jason up pretty badly and there was a 125% chance that if it was just Freddy and Jason fighting, Freddy would have won. However, there were many other people in this movie and the main character in the movie Lori was mad at Freddy for murdering her mother, so she interfered with the fight and Jason died and fell into the water while she decapitated Freddy's head off. I was personally very angered by this ending and I wish that Freddy or Jason would have killed the girl instead.
    Overall I thought that this was an amazing movie. The effects and makeup were good, the acting was pretty good, and overall this is a really great movie that I would recommend watching especially if you are a huge fan of Freddy or Jason (or both). I found this movie to be very entertaining and I honestly never get bored of watching it so especially around Halloween time, this is a must see movie.

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