By: Queen of Horror
You open your eyes
Tied against the wall
Clothes torn and shattered
Like an abused rag doll
You begin to look around
The panic beginning to rise
Fear taking over
The chance for your demise
A door in front of you opens
You see a man dressed in black
A knife in his hand
You know there's no turning back
He walks directly in front of you
You look him in the eyes
You scream out for help
But no one will hear your cries
He takes that knife
Slides it across your wrist
You scream out in pain
But here comes the twist
What kept you tied down
He cut it for you to go
By instinct you start to run
But his game you don't  know

You run out of the house
Footsteps coming behind you
He's following close behind
And you don't know what to do
You try to run faster
But that's when the knife goes into your back
Blood seeping out of you
The world around you fades to black
When you finally wake up
A horrid sight that you see
Dead bodies all around you
And soon that you'll be
You beg him to let you live
All he does is laughs in your face
The tears begin to fall slowly
For soon you will leave this place
The final moments of your life go quickly
For you become a victim of rape
And after that he kills you
And you never got to escape

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