Entering the World of Hell
By: Queen of Horror

Pain, pain everywhere
Try to feel it, that I dare
Come with me and you will see
A world that was never meant to be

Look around, the fires of hell
You'll fit in just quite well
You're an abomination, a terrible sin
Cope with that deep within

Feel my pain
Go insane
Have some fun
You better run

We have fire and blood
And sure as hell poisoned mud
We have torture, we have pain
We even have the mentally insane

This is what happens when you're only bad
Feel the pain; it'll make you go mad
Try to understand what we go through
For all eternity we'll be here with you
Meet the man who started this all
He's the one who has quite a ball
He's the one who thrives off your pain
Some people think he's gone insane

I have to go
You're on your own
Have fun in hell
You'll never get well….