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    David Berkowitz may not be the most well-known serial killer, but the fact that he said a dog possessed by a demon told him to kill is what makes him so well-known. Berkowitz was born on June 1, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York. It has been said that Berkowitz was apart of satanic cults, an he claims that the reason he murdered his victims was for the purpose of what is called "ritual murders". Either way, his killing spree was from 1976 to 1977. Berkowitz had a total of fourteen victims, but only six of them were killed. Berkowitz is better known as the "Son of Sam" and the ".44 Caliber Killer".
    The first murder ever committed by Berkowitz was on July 29, 1976. It was around one in the morning and Berkowitz was walking down the street when he saw two women walking by. Berkowitz then proceeded to pull a gun out of a paper bag and shot both of the women. One women was killed and the other one was wounded, but lived. Four months later, Berkowitz shot two more women with the same gun he did for his first two victims. Luckily both of them lived, but both were badly wounded and one was shot in the spine which caused her to be paralyzed. The panic didn't truly start until March 8, 1977. What made this murder different was that Berkowitz shot Virginia Voskerchian in the face.
    Berkowitz was at large for nine months. Berkowitz liked to mess around with the cops, so he would leave letters about saying he was going to do it again, and in a way was just toying with the police. However, he did get caught on August 10, 1977. There was suspicions about Berkowitz, so police investigated his car and discovered a rifle, ammo, crime scene maps of places the victims had been attacked/murdered, and threatening letters that matched the ones the police had. Berkowitz confessed to the murders and was found guilty.  
    Of course, you're probably wondering about where the demonic dog comes in. Well, Berkowitz claimed that his next door neighbor Sam's dog was possessed by a 6,000 year-old man who happened to be a demon. He said the dog was telling him he needed to kill the people that he did, so that was his motive to do it. Even with Berkowitz claiming a possessed dog was telling him to murder, he was still found sane enough to stand trial. People also accused Berkowitz of being a women hater, but he wasn't. Berkowitz was found to be a socially awkward man that was very shy (especially around women), a loner, and probably still a virgin.
    Berkowitz was sentenced with six consecutive life sentences in prison, and to this day he continues to serve that sentence.

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